Watch: Bangarang Cover Big Poppa

Really the answer is never too much. There can never be too much hiphop.

Hope your week has started off on the good foot because we’ve got a real lovely week filled with rhyme sayers and beat players.

We’re starting this off right for all the die hard Hiphop heads. Bangarang performing Big Poppa should get you in the mood to hear some dope ass rhymes.

Bangarang’s, Tyson Gordon, will be hosting Ybor Speaks tonight at The Lion’s Den Cigar Lounge Ybor. It’s a night governed by creative expression and the list of performer is ridiculous, ranging from Mike Mass, Asher B, To B Worthy and Alec Burnwright.

So the only question now is, When Ybor Speaks, will you be ready to listen?

ybor speaks

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