Watch: Ybor Speaks

We made out to this past Ybor Speaks and boy are we glad we did. The atmosphere was very welcoming in an unexpected way. Not to say that we’d expect to get jumped at a poetry event, however when a homeless man walks up to the mic and starts reciting Edgar Allan Poe and no one bats an eyelash but everyone claps, we’d considered that to be a very safe environment.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.45.36 AM.png

From more country/folk based poetry and song musing to the more avant-garde traces of hip-hop nestled under shaky voices to the bellowing cigars some and clinking of old fashions, Ybor Speaks captured the essence of what the city might say in a haiku.

Check out this foto recap of the night.

Check out some of the Poets from this past Ybor Speaks.

B Worthy & Alec Burnwright.

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