Look: Art & Soul Foto Recap

Why sit at home when you can be out with your friends?

Don’t have any friends?

We’re pretty sure last night, you could’ve easily made some friends at Left Lane Ent. presents Art & Soul.

art ands

The music, the people, the soul, Last night was non-stop vibes.

The band was amazing as always but it’s always the mic passes that draw a level of excitement, mutually felt between the audience and band.

Why? Cause we fucking respect the mic. Mic Master and newly appointed Art & Soul host Charlie G did his thing last night, keeping the crowd thoroughly engaged between performers.

Don’t Get Lost In The Sauce.

And There were moments y’all.

We laughed, We cried, We turned up together.

It wasn’t a sit and appreciate from a far type night at the Iberian Rooster. It was a get up on it type of night, filled with birthdays, new accessories, new tunes, and most of all new faces.


Our favorite performance had to be Fresh Prince 813. During his set he delivered a heartfelt song to the three most important women in his life…

  1. His Momma (Momma Fresh)
  2. His Sister (Sista Fresh)
  3. His daughter (Baby Fresh, not to be confused with Manny Fresh and Baby aka Stunna man)

All the performers were phenomenal and shared great energy with the crowd so next time your friends invites you to a Left Lane event, don’t take it so lightly.

Check out our foto recap from this past Art & Soul.


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