Watch: Asher Live From Hiphopalooza Preshow

Hiphopalooza 5 is tonight folks.

That’s right, you marked your calendars, picked your outfits (yes, the one that makes your butt look big), selected your designated driver (not it) and checked out the Hiphopalooza playlist curated by DJ Qeys (Which you can find HERE).


If the Hiphopalooza 5 preshow at Debonair District headquarters were any indication of whats to come tonight, then as Deezy Wee The Reaper might say, it’s gonna be a “fright night”.

Honestly, the talent this year is from the windows to the motherloving walls. When spittas like Gat$, Cloud Master Price, & Queen Of Ex, and wave makers like Tyrell Golden, Audio Artwork & Sam E. Hues team up, you know we are going to have a phenomenal night.

But we want you guys to have a safe and nice time so we came up with some easy to follow tips to help you get through the night.

  1. Dance,
  2. Turn up,
  3. Drink some more, and buy DJ Wally Clark a coke (VERY IMPORTANT)
  4. Dance some more,
  5. and tip your bartender.

Follows these tips closely. For more litness, add more drink.

We’ll see you at Crowbar tonight.


Check out this exclusive performance from Asher at the Hiphopalooza preshow.

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