Watch: Hiphopalooza 5 Recap

Couldn’t think of a better way to start this past weekend off other than watching our favorite local acts as well as new ones take the stage.

Hiphopalooza 5 + Preshow included

Stellar performances from

Ex Nihilo (so fucking good, seriously talented dudes.)

Hagan Lee (spitta with charisma)

Audio Artwork (10,000 hours or repeat)

Knalla (Encore shawty)

Deezy Wee (Fan favorite)

Tony Handz (c’mon it’s Tony Handz)

Ayo Mama & Rowtch (Great energy)

Gat$ (Wally Clark’s personal playlist)

Queen Of Ex ( Everything is always tight)

Causal and comfortable environments, from the sifting through exclusive gear at Debonair District warehouse to the back patio at Crowbar from some delicious tacos from Mic Deluxx.

eye catching, pocket savvy products from local artists and vendors.

Oh and of course dope ass music.

It’s going be interesting seeing how Mateo Henley will top good ole mambo number five next year, but we’ll leave that for next year.

What was your favorite part of Hiphopalooza???

Check out our video recap below.

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