This one is for the 727 because they really show up to show out last night at Left Lane Ent. presents WLCM2KNXVLL.

First, shout out to Nova Nick. He provided great energy and gave the beautiful people of The Bends what they really wanted.


As far as performances go, St. Pete emcees are not to be spelt on. Thankful, their supporters seem to be set on never letting that happen.  Acoupstix, Cloudmaster Price, Crown Marquiss’, and Kayo Da Beast  gave The Bends the stuffing.

Extra sides of STP. Freddo aka Lil Nacho.


Extra cranberry sauce sides of the spins as King Knox and DJ Qeys kept the tunes in rotation.


We’re thankful we were there to capture it for you guys. Have wonderful thanksgiving lunch and a great pre-black Friday evening.

Checkout the full WLCM2KNXVLL THANKSGIVING EDITION foto recap below.


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