Listen: Pusha Preme T.I.M.E.

There are a few type of people in the world. Some are content with taking things in stride and while taking in the breeze. Some feel as if they have to continually increase their stride with every step against the breeze. If not for themselves then for those who are relying on them to survive.

Tampa rapper, Pusha Preme‘s most recent release T.I.M.E. (Things I Must Earn) captures the dual aspirations of a family man who is also a workaholic.


We dig the approach of which Pusha Preme documents the struggle of trying to remain true to himself throughout the album.

From the party lifestyle verses to the necessity of the staccato of the chorus delivery. On the two-minute track entitled, “Everyday”, Preme places his personal Jekyll/Hyde struggle under the microscope. Set within the mind of the masked mastermind, the track reminds us of a Man On The Moon Kid Cudi feeling.

Check out “Everyday”

Trailing from a seriously delicious interlude, “Work” is another favorite from Pusha Preme’s T.I.M.E.

Money in the motivation on this track. Whether you’re working a 9-5 flipping burgers or you’re a doctor whipping the rrari on the way to TGH, “Work” makes all the late nights feel like a well-deserved part of a grand plan.

It’s probably the perfect hand in every pot track, as it should the features on this track include Kel Levy, Nico Sweet & Larz Drako.

“What you ain’t never seen a dead man walking?” Listen to “Work”

For everyone whittling away at their new years resolution list don’t forget to write “rob, steal, kill, grind, for real, under “stop procrastinating”.

Thinking_Face_Emoji_grandeCould this simple list be the recipe to Preme hustle?

Maybe, but “The Recipe”, is actually not missing out and focusing on everything. Listen now.

It was a truly difficult to choose whether to talk about Pusha Preme’s “Silver Spoon” or “Untitled” last.


Both tracks feature Teemoe, (shout out to Teemoe)

However, it was “Untitled’s” sirens like sample harmonies and St. Pete’s, Tyrell Golden’s “I done came up from a lost” verse that gave this banger a smooth yet gully edge.

Pusha Preme’s T.I.M.E. features an intriguing beat selection, paired with the respectably amount well placed features. Not drowning the artist out of his sound but creating enough wiggle room to step away from what the listener was expecting.

Pusha Preme’s immutable yet ambitious mentality and ability to mirror his energy to match context is clear throughout every track. We give T.I.M.E. a 4 out of 5.

Check out Pusha Preme’s T.I.M.E. Now.

What do you think?

What are some of your favorite tracks?

Who’s your favorite feature?

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