Listen: 3 Songs You Should Be Bumping Right Now

We are this close to the end of the year and I’m proud to say we’ll finish it as strongly as we’ve started. So many artists are still releasing projects helping us perfectly ice the cake.

Tapping into some first class sexiness, song bird, Ahri and rapper, Tune DaPoet team up on  “Track 11” is a sultry combo of marinated emptions and mixed drinks. Produced by Elevated, this collaboration oozes the right amount r&b and hip-hop.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 7.33.08 AM.png

Ahri’s vocal precision paired with Almighty Pink background vocals are devastatingly captivating but there is a mastering genius somewhere that should know 2:04 almost sent us into a diabetic coma.

Tune DaPoet verse perfectly complements Arhi sweet vocals. Rather than trying to create a contrast which may crack in the emotional landscape of “Trank 11”, DaPoet sets the verbal climax, which inevitably makes the listener want to replay the track instantly.

Listen to “Track 11” from Ahri x Tune DaPoet now.

Bay area to Bay area the objective is the same, not looking for love, just looking for someone to drive while we roll this up.

Vinny Virgo continues taking and making hits, this time with his new single “Girls Who Smoke Weed”.


This isn’t your turn up in the club ditty, this is a roll up the windows of the Buick Cutlass up joint. A herb friendly lovers anthem, “Girls Who Smoke Weed”, has a laid back, enjoy every simple moment vibe.

The track retires the technical and adapts the essence of a smooth pre-rolled. Virgo’s playful wit and tactical verbiage is key in the cognitive consistency of this track.

Check out Vinny Virgo’s “ Girls Who Smoke Weed” below.

Last but not least. We Got “Golden X Burns” from the deviant minds Prince Golden and Charles Burns.


The video, directed by Michael M Sinclair, features two mankind era sock puppets of Tampa emcees, Prince Golden and Charles Burns.


The puppets attempt to entertain viewers played by, Ayo Mama and Raven, through a television screen. Though their attempts seem to frustrate the viewers more until eventually enough is enough and they destroy everything.

Most familiar with groups like Run-DMC, The Beastie Boys, and A Tribe called Quest the playful rhyme scheme used for this song keeps the listener interested the entire time.

We guess you can say, Burns and Golden rediscover that famous tit for tat lyrical scheme and lace it over a serious DJ Qeys production. The beat gives us crazy Neptune’s meets the boss level of Parappa the Rapper vibes and the video is probably one of our favorite videos from Michael M Sinclair.

Check out “Golden X Burns” now.

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