Watch: Head To Head With Robb Gat$

Let’s not pretending Gat$ You Know What You Did wasn’t one of the most important drop in November.

Gat$ is a man of the people.

He likes to talk about the real issues.

Most importantly November is when he comes Alive.

So what are you missing? The other pieces to the puzzle.

gats scb.jpg

Like we said, Gat$ like to talk about the real issues, real life situations. Maybe that’s what makes his music relatable to homegrown hustlers and hip-hop heads alike.

Over that past year he has gone through a series of life changes that would’ve proablaby held the average rapper down. But there’s a none verbal understanding that Gat$ isn’t you average 16 spitter.


In the past month he has

Released a new project which you can check out here.


Released some new merch.

Destroyed his Hiphopalooza 5 Set.


With even more to come we’re sure. Catch up with Gat$ now as we go Head to Head.

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