Listen: In My Mind From Louis Junior

Gorgeous and gone, put yourself in the mind of Louis Junior.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 4.16.11 AM.png

Mercury is in retrograde whether you’re on the other side of the moon or the other side of your mind we doubt you could find a better jam for self-reflecting right now than “In My Mind” from Louis Junior.

The big brown man on the block turns into the man on the moon and the feels are so real. This two-minute track from the Tampa rapper has a 08-09 Kid Cudi influence mixed with Louis Juniors’ unchained soul.

Getting real and real sauced, Louis opens up emotionally over a delicately understated melancholic piano phrasing. Dancing in-between the keys, Louis Junior’s lyrics reveal ongoing strife between financial freedom and mental freedom.


The chorus on this track crashes like overpowering waves and we couldn’t be more addicted to this track. Maybe it’s the tracks relatability. Maybe it’s life imitating art or whatever.

Photo by Mateo Henley

“Talking shit cause I’ve been drinking.”

We feel you all too much, Mr. Junior.

This song deserves a backwood and a wine glass full of Cognac at least.

Check out “In My Mind” from Louis Junior Here.

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