Listen: Yellxw From YZM

Did Christmas come late or are we tripping?

Why do we ask?????

Well because YZM Claus just released the audio for his new single “Yellxw”.

This highly anticipated track from the Macibision rapper features the collaborative production from Inferno and 7 above. The track also features rapper, Swavor.


Real fact: The bounce on the track is perfect to shoulder lean to.

YZM’s verse provide a seamless switch from an aggressive to a more relaxed flex. Paired with Swavor rebelliously lit verse, this track will be bumping everywhere this new year.

“Flexing cause I didn’t have shit as a youngin.”

With the quality of visuals YZM has released this year, we are hella excited to see what Yzm has up his sleeves for this single.


Check out Yellxw from YZM below.

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