Watch: Head To Head With Vern Sr.

Recently, we got the chance to sit down with one of the most requested creatives in the Tampa bay area. Vern Sr. has worked with singers, rapper, and has even dipped his toes into some modeling waters. Many have praised him from his smooth and sultry sounds, while others are more privy to his stylistic wordplay.

Whether it’s just a feature or his productions, Vern’s sound is so heavily influenced by the essence of the west coast it’s easy to forget he lives closer to the Atlantic than the Pacific ocean.

As reclusive as Vern Sr. may seem we got him to open up about writing, producing, the west coast, dream collaborations and what he has got up his sleeves for 2018.

Check out our Head to Head with Vern Sr.

You can also check Vern’s MF Doom Top 5 Tracks.


Hoe Cakes

Deep Fried Frenz

Winter Blues

Rhinestone Cowboy

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