Watch: Young 40 Penthouse Pimpin Featuring C Mac

It feels like this year is starting off on the good foot.

If you can look pass the cold weather to the pink beaches beyond the beachfront penthouse, you might find Bay area rapper, Young 40, sipping champagne cause he thirsty. <*Biggie voice>


That’s right, Young 40 starts the new Year with a new visual.

Right off the bat this video is coming straight from the pimp penthouse, executive level shit. The video features C Mac and was directed by the mastermind, Maxx Forman.

The visual for jazzy single includes 40 and Mac booling and cooling with a gang of homies. Rolling, sipping, spilling and spitting all at their leisure, we can’t help but feel elevated listening to this track.


With the date “1/XX/2018” written in the description of the video, We’re excited to see what else Young 40 has planned or this new year.


Check out Young 40’s Penthouse Pimpin now.

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