Listen : 3 Songs You Should Be Bumping Presented By Hagan Lee

During conversations here and there we slowly began to grasp how much local artists listen to other local artists. In effort to uncover how deep that rabbit hole goes we started asking artists to recommend their personal “you have to bump this” playlist. The first person we asked of course was the bag boss, Hagan Lee.

His choice of songs we should be bumping come straight from St. Pete’s finest. Some you might be familiar with; some you might be discovering only for the first time. Hagan went into his bag for this one though, so let’s peep it together.

First off, we’re starting off with “Suave House” from Mighty Jai. Produced by SKMGinc and illustrated by “Sabrina and Joe’s son”, Suave House is a smooth mixed of detailed reality folded between sultry drum claps and hi hats.

The track offers an introspective view that allows you to peep Mighty Jai’s vision. The smooth, boss talk definitely makes the song worth the replay for those trying to get in tune with themselves.

Check out “Suave House” from Mighty Jai now.

Second, we have “Got A Lotta Love” from Jack Fletcher

Another Smooth banger that inspires the inner hustler within us all.

Capturing sights from Central Ave to the blocks where you might find Hagen Lee roaming, we love that the love can be felt within the visual for the track. Fletcher verses paints the strife from the slums but also the good that presents itself from the city.

Check out Jack Fletcher’s “Got A lotta Love”.

Last but definitely not least “Morning Rain” from Acoupstix.

First of all, this video is dope. The visuals for “Morning Rain” starts with interesting twist, a rain cloud hanging over Acoupstix, literally hanging over the man.

“Morning Rain” might just be the pause in grey skies you were looking for as Acoupstix verses on the track present a perplexed perspective any soul dealing with personal relationship troubles can related to. The track produced by Ty Stokes, slaps with a boom bap snare and lightly saturated with a piano sample. Director, Moji Wilson did an amazing Job capturing the vibe of this track.

Check out “Morning Rain” from Acoupstix now.

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