Is it weird that all the songs you should be bumping this week come from the same EP?

Earlier this week the suicide messiah, YOURHOMIEPONDER, released BAPHOMET, an EP cultivated base on principle of polarity and the convection that blasphemy is a good thing.

Get to know YOURHOMIEPONDER with us.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 2.33.20 PM.png

He is a rapper and producer from Tampa, Florida. He has been honing his skills as both for nearly a decade, reinventing himself as an artist multiple times along the way. At this point it appears as though he has found himself exactly where he belongs.

SCB: How did you come up with the name?

YOURHOMIEPONDER: The name YOURHOMIEPONDER doesn’t really have any super deep meaning to it, my friends at the time I created it just called me Ponder because it’s my last name and I started using that, then it just became YOURHOMIEPONDER at some point because it sounded better to me and I didn’t want to have some generic “lil” or “young” name.

SCB: What inspires your music?

YHP: My music comes from a very dark place, and expresses the world I see around me and some of my own experiences and struggles through content containing extremely graphic depictions of violence, sex, drug use, mental illness, and suicide. I’m influenced by artist such as Nine Inch Nails, Father, Marilyn Manson, and of course my contemporaries in Florida lyrically. The music I make is a mix of horrorcore, trap, and industrial music.BAPHOMET COVER copy 1.jpg

SCB: Future plans for creative endeavors?

YHP: I plan on just continuing down this path of artistry I’ve started on always looking for growth. I just love art, I always wanted to just become art myself, like everything I do.

Breaking Down the EP.



Rip Young Ghoul

PONDER seems to take pleasure in being exactly what you hate, maybe that why the lyrics seems so playful on this track. Sensitive off-to-the side melodies, mixed with hip hop drums and conventional trap flows to offset the moving atmosphere are all the elements the making “Rip Young Ghoul” such an interesting track.

Check out “Rip Young Ghoul” below



Regardless of what level of the holy trinity you are currently ranked at, “Blaspheme” raises the listener to a god like level. Ironically enough, the rigid and aggressive tone of the track moves with a presences similar to Kayne West’s slow and skin crawling Yeezy album. The rapper claims “Blaspheme” speaks to his belief that everyone is their own individual god and yet the lowest form of life to everyone else.

Check out “Blaspheme” now


Antichrist Messiah

Stressing the notion that evil and good is ultimately subjective, is the slow and rewinding track entitled “Antichrist Messiah”.

The song, structurally, is a bit offsetting. PONDER’s verses sway from descriptively violent thoughts that swerve on the path less travel just to return to a buoyant chorus in the nick of time.  “It’s all about this idea that ‘evil exist,’ what’s evil to you isn’t to me and what is to me isn’t to someone else,” said Ponder.

Check out Antichrist Messiah below


Cult of Maggots

Compared to the rest of the EP, “Cult of Maggots” stands out as the climax of decay, pain, violence, and the benevolent actions we take to rectify those feelings. Right down to the duality of the vocals, and upbeat drum pattern clapping against the waning synths, PONDER directs the listener towards embracing that diminishing guilt and feeling the emptiness that is replaced by pleasures.   “Cult of Maggots” is hands down our favorite track with Blaspheme trailing closely behind.

Check out Cult of Maggots now

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