Conquer All, this past Saturday night was


to say the least. And to say the most, well….

We conquered all!

It was a slurry of good friends, funny smells by the bath room, trades of all sorts,

and umm …..well

a lot of Black Pussy.

There was a lot of Black Pussy (there was no other way to put that), Achilles The Conqueror would’ve wanted it that way, if we are going to be honest.


The man of the hour spent his birthday show being showered in gratitude and admiration from family, friends and fans.

Along with previewing some new material, Achilles took to the stage leaving the audience shocked and awe’d with his guitar technicality and his unwavering dedication to those who possess coco butter skin.

Anyways, we had a woot!

Yes you read that right “a woot!” and we wanted to share some flicks from Conquer all with you guys. So check out these photos from a seriously amazing night.

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