Watch: Kid Loki Live From Philly

Yes, that Facebook alert you received at 9:17 this morning was correct, it’s Laura “Kid Loki” Proenza’s birthday. Before you buy her birthday shots check out this exclusive performance she delivered in Philly.

Should we set the scene?

Climax of The Four Horsemen Tour, (a much needed climax we should say) as Baltimore left a rather nasty taste of dissatisfaction that can only be compared to eating a cake covered in too much artificial frosting and then being forced to eat seconds.

Shortly after arriving in Philly, the vibes returned. Almost like a zombie that just need a Philly cheesesteak sandwich to return back to life, the tour was almost back to full apocalyptic level. We just needed a catalyst of sorts to fully get the train back on its tracks. _DSC3441.JPG


That catalyst came in the form of a uke strapped, merch slanging horsewoman named Kid Loki. She would go on to open up the Philly stop of the tour. Setting the tone and returning the half chaotic half childlike wanderlust feeling back to the tour.

For your viewing pleasure, check out Kid Loki, Live from Philly.

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