Look: Tampa For Puerto Rico Recap

The Tampa for Puerto Rico event proved to be a culturally jam-packed day featuring a lot of Hondas, Pina Coladas, foodies, and booties.

Shortly after gates, open performers started pouring out on to the stage. Organizers would work diligently to ensure all the details were correct, right down to the empanadas. Crowds shuffled between dancing, drinking, and enjoying a variety of food trucks and vendors located on site.

As the closing hours drew and the crowd’s energy seemed to wane. The highly anticipated headliners began to pour out, revitalizing the crowd. Dave East took on the role of the catalyst of this energetic renaissance. East, built on to the anticipation by uttering one phrase that would immediately resurrect the crowd’s energy.

The phrase would be “Fuck Trump”. The “Powder” rapper would go on to deliver a sensational performance to be followed by Fat Joe.


Fat Joe at Tampa for Puerto Rico.


Joey Crack performance would take the audience back to the 90’s and walk them through his extensive collections of hits.


After the trip in the hip-hop time capsule, Joe ended his set with a bona fide anecdote about how he knew right away he had to do everything in his power to help the people of Puerto Rico.


They Love Fat Joe.


We’re just glad that we, (Tampa) could support because “It’s important to help others when they need it most, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we’re doing it!”

Check out our Tampa For Puerto Rico Photo Recap.

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