Look: Art & Soul Recap.

There was plenty of leftover valentines love to go around at Iberian Rooster this past Thursday as Left Lane Ent presented Art & Soul.


We know the Black Panther movie just released yesterday however if you were at Iberian Rooster last night you would’ve seen some really cool black cats.

The night was powered by D’usse’ Cognac and valentine’s infectious energy. That combination plus paired with the Art & Soul house band featuring Israel Solberg, Julian Carrington,  and Caleb Sanders meant that no groove was off limit.


Diana Hardy aka D. Y. , King Complex, and Eliana Blanchard delivered phenomenal performances actually leaving the host, Charlie G, in a loop of favorite r&b tunes.


What’s better than Josh Cruz, D. Y. and Charlie G all letting their creativity flow together on stage?

The fact that Left is hitting us with a double banger. This Saturday, Feb. 17th, at Left Lane Ent. presents A Mad Ethnic Party.


In the words of Mighty Jai “ Why waste an opportunity for to throw a free party, right?”.

But before you start picking out your dashiki and your black panthers beret, check out our Art & Soul recap.

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