Listen: The Come Up From Phaze Jones

Promoted as “the perfect song to get you pumped for your morning workout”, “The Come Up” (in our opinion) was produced for the empowered entrepreneurial/stoner creating their own path.  (Yes, you can do that, be about your bud and your business, they are not mutually exclusive.)


Phaze Jones Holding a Pj Masks backpack.


Riddled with fickle memories of riding in Toyota Corollas, the tracks rationed relatability and finger snapping production from Tega, pushes Phaze Jones naturally flavorful sound to another level. “The Come Up” is a very millennial based anthem for the masses, once again proving Jones understands his people.

How do you go from riding in the back seat, smashed against the door that can only be opened from the outside to flying first class?  You hustle, plan and save and when all else fails you just keep going.


Phaze Jones risking it all for his dreams.


Just ask yourself 2 questions

Are you trying to get a new bag today?

Are you spending cash today and trying to get it back today?

If your answer is yes, (which it should be) check out Phaze JonesThe Come Up” Now.

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