Watch: Our Favorite Visuals From Masta Thom

Masta Thom’s sound is beyond captivating. It reminds us of the first time we heard MF Doom. Not saying they rap the same, just the same shared experience with being introduced to something so different yet too familiar.




Our first experience with Masta Thom came through his “Warmhouse” video (which we think is an underappreciated cinematic classic).

We weren’t quite sure what was happening after watching “Warmhouse” but we knew we had to hear some more.

But we’re not here to talk about just “WarmHouse”, we’re also here to talk about “Slangin” Masta Thom’s latest single.

According to Urban Dictionary, Slangin means selling cocaine or other narcotics or could also mean having intercourse with many females. 

Diving into the visual, the Orlando rapper can be seen rocking a Rocawear polo, in front of a bando, with the homies, of course, but “Slangin” isn’t your typical hood video.

“Slangin” underlying appeal is Masta Thom lyrical approach to the TRULYDEF production. Soon as you think you understand his flow he switches up his cadence constantly keeping you on your toes. It’s only a two-minute banger but a banger nonetheless.

Check out more music from Masta Thom’s latest Album No Digas Mas.

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