Money Monday: Is Family Still A Key To Success?

As always every Monday we are back with creative marketing tips for all the creative entrepreneurs out there.

This week, the always lovely and insightful Qualah discussed the benefits of expanding your business with family. She also outlined several free/ low-cost way to market your business.

Check out Qualah’s Money Monday Video below and head over to her site for more tips and tools that will help your business flourish.

Today on Money Monday I decided to share a video. In the video we will discuss Why its important to involve your family and friends when build, growing, and running your business. We will also touch base on a few ways to market your business for FREE or Affordable rates. In this video You will […]

via Money Monday’s: Family Involvement in Your Business + Ways to Market Your Business for Free or Super Cheap — Vicariously Me | Natural Hairstyles | Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle Blog

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