Listen: Unconditional From Qualah.

Recently, Florida rapper/singer Qualah decided to make her mark in the music game and released her first ep entitled UNconditional.

While some artists try to jam all of themselves into their first project, Unconditional is only an introduction to Qualah’s many sides. Like cracking open a book, a blunt, or a brewski, you’re bound to find your vice in Unconditional.


UNconditional proves that one can be a lady where she wants to be and a freak when she wants to be. The five-track ep has a huge “can I live?” vibe, from resurrecting harmonies about being your queen to dropping bars about getting your self-respect up, hints of Qualah’s personal journey can be heard throughout the ep on every level.

On the ep’s opening track “Savage”, (first of all, love the title) Qualah finesses a motivational r&b track into a thuggy dedication to defining your own character.

“They not going to take you seriously until you get yourself respect up. We all go through struggles but you really gotta hustle to keep your mind right.”

Produced by Glory Muzic, the track revolves around the fixed frames placed upon people daily. The idea that only you can define who you are is what makes “Savage” a primo introduction track.


There’s an irresistible charisma that oozes a person who knows what they want and what they are willing to sacrifice to get that weight up.

“Weight” proves that there is no love lost between the rapper and emotional muggers.

“Weight” is the second track from Qualah’s UNconditonal. Produced by PaulCabbinBeats, “Weight”, doesn’t hide behind grand gestures of metaphors and similes about the letter G in lasagna. Qualah comes at the track with a provoked precision that leaves no room for mistaken affection.

“This is for the internet thugs that think you won’t get touched,

Ctrl, Atl, Delete your ass.”


Our favorite track from Unconditional is “Remedy”. This three-minute serenade takes us back to the vault.

Like deeeeeeeeeep in the vault.

We’re talking about (not to make you feel old) 13 years ago, to a Trina and Kelly Rowland collaboration mixed with essences of “Cater 2 U” from Destiny child. For all our thuggy readers, if you were looking for a valentine’s day remedy, Qualah’s “Remedy” might be just what you need.

The track is real, it’s savage yet it feels smooth, sincere, and sexy making “Remedy” is definitely a V-Day playlist must.

Check more of Qualah’s UNconditional HERE  including a “I Wanna” and let us know what you think.

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Recap To End All Recaps

YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS Tampa!!!!! Shout all to all the creative around the bay area.

This is how we want start our black history month, nothing but great projects, great energy, and amazing melanated people.

Thursday Night

We started of the month the right way with a dope Vern Senior Yeadillac album listen session.


That’s right, Vern Senior decided to bless 2018 with a preview of some of that smooth stank he’s been working on. In recent months we’ve seen Vern collaborations with BangarangAri Chi, and Noo$e.

He’s racked up on producer credits left and right so it was a delightful treat to actually dive into the world of Yeadillac and hear what’s been stewing in his pot.

Hip hop lovers toasted and prowled around The Lion’s Den Cigar Lounge as King Knox was served exclusive unreleased tracks from the bay area rapper. As the tunes progressed Vern went on to surprise all the cool cats in cool hats with some SUPER EXCLUSIVE tracks with “Pop Rocks” rapper, Deezy Wee the Reaper.

When we asked one girl what she thought of the album she said,

“the album was fire emoji, fire emoji, fire emoji, waves, waves, waves”.

One girl was overheard saying

“this is some Tampa shit, right here”.

So were thinking that’s a good thing!?!….right???

Friday Night

If you weren’t already feeling yourself this past Friday night, the right mix from the bar at Iberian Rooster and you were guaranteed to be under DJ Mellohype’s Caribbean spell.


Mellohype literally unlocked a new level on the dance floor. All we heard from the selectah was “it’s still early”, next thing we know bodies were flying into motion. From the bar to the curry goat, straight booty bumping, rump rolling, gyrating all over that dancery.

We watched the basement of Iberian Rooster become a dance floor filled with syncopated thunder claps and circles centered around cycling windmills. Mellohype kept the crowd on the toes at all times, switching it up from reggae to reggaeton to Afrobeat and then dropping 90’s R&B hidden gems, nothing was off limits.


It started to look like an early 2000s Sean Paul video mixed with all of the season of Americas Best Dance Crew with the Jabberwockeez on it.


We will say though, the next Bashment flyer needs to come with a warning label that’s says

“DJ Mellohype may cause you to dance your ass off. ….so be ready for that.. like stretch or something.”

Check out our photo recap of a rhythm filled night.

Saturday Night

We found ourselves back at IR to celebrate the official release of Deezy Wee the Reaper’s ep, Pickled Oranges. The night was sprinkled with live performances from Mari Sodope, Ayo Mama, Tony Handz and GAT$, who delivered a phenomenal performance.

By the way if you looking for GAT$ online, one more time that’s



Spell that right.

Listeners have to admire Beyo’s commitment to getting everything just right. Deezy’s flow and Beyo’s ability to create the right amount of tension and release in his productions is what pushed Pickled Oranges to be such a highly anticipated project.


The night had to be capped off with a killer set from the man of the hour, Deezy Wee the Reaper. Deezy left everything on the stage during his performance.


We can’t help feel like it was just the other night that Beyo made this beat. Those two creative psychopaths, (Deezy and Beyo) set out to release a collaborative project. They, in turn, ended up releasing a movement through sound.

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Here’s a little thank you for fucking with us video recap of just how we started this month.

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Listen: Pusha Preme T.I.M.E.

There are a few type of people in the world. Some are content with taking things in stride and while taking in the breeze. Some feel as if they have to continually increase their stride with every step against the breeze. If not for themselves then for those who are relying on them to survive.

Tampa rapper, Pusha Preme‘s most recent release T.I.M.E. (Things I Must Earn) captures the dual aspirations of a family man who is also a workaholic.


We dig the approach of which Pusha Preme documents the struggle of trying to remain true to himself throughout the album.

From the party lifestyle verses to the necessity of the staccato of the chorus delivery. On the two-minute track entitled, “Everyday”, Preme places his personal Jekyll/Hyde struggle under the microscope. Set within the mind of the masked mastermind, the track reminds us of a Man On The Moon Kid Cudi feeling.

Check out “Everyday”

Trailing from a seriously delicious interlude, “Work” is another favorite from Pusha Preme’s T.I.M.E.

Money in the motivation on this track. Whether you’re working a 9-5 flipping burgers or you’re a doctor whipping the rrari on the way to TGH, “Work” makes all the late nights feel like a well-deserved part of a grand plan.

It’s probably the perfect hand in every pot track, as it should the features on this track include Kel Levy, Nico Sweet & Larz Drako.

“What you ain’t never seen a dead man walking?” Listen to “Work”

For everyone whittling away at their new years resolution list don’t forget to write “rob, steal, kill, grind, for real, under “stop procrastinating”.

Thinking_Face_Emoji_grandeCould this simple list be the recipe to Preme hustle?

Maybe, but “The Recipe”, is actually not missing out and focusing on everything. Listen now.

It was a truly difficult to choose whether to talk about Pusha Preme’s “Silver Spoon” or “Untitled” last.


Both tracks feature Teemoe, (shout out to Teemoe)

However, it was “Untitled’s” sirens like sample harmonies and St. Pete’s, Tyrell Golden’s “I done came up from a lost” verse that gave this banger a smooth yet gully edge.

Pusha Preme’s T.I.M.E. features an intriguing beat selection, paired with the respectably amount well placed features. Not drowning the artist out of his sound but creating enough wiggle room to step away from what the listener was expecting.

Pusha Preme’s immutable yet ambitious mentality and ability to mirror his energy to match context is clear throughout every track. We give T.I.M.E. a 4 out of 5.

Check out Pusha Preme’s T.I.M.E. Now.

What do you think?

What are some of your favorite tracks?

Who’s your favorite feature?

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Listen: Rich Latta’s Family Music Life

What’s cool about Rich Latta’s music?

His stories are the root of his latest project Family Music Life. This Tampa Bay rapper, producer, & engineer has been releasing music for over two years.

FML is a step away from the drug-induced bars we’re used to hearing. Instead, Latta fills his tracks with rhymes about daily routines and life’s trivial pursuit or purpose.

From “Early Morning Dreaming” a track brimming with the optimism of a new man with a new hustle to the disco-inspired “Daddy Cool”, Latta’s FML features a variety of instrumentals with varying topics.

The sample-heavy “I Miss Rocafella” is definitely for any Roc-a-fella Records fans secretly hoping Dame Dash and Jay-z buried the hatchet. The lyrical content definitely sends you to a nostalgic era when “H to the Izzo” was used more than swag and your pants had to be at least two sizes too big.

With 45 on the loose again this past weekend, referring to Athletes who stand up for what they believe in as “sons of bitches”, we found ourselves listening to “Letter To Kaepernick” a lot.  21167177_10156046040196111_1711599019053205188_o.jpgz9THacSoVs9S19FvELDaojJV.jpeg

A track dedicated to American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The bass whipped, boom bap flexed with a tinge on MF Doom the instrumental is a neck snapper.

Don’t get us wrong there are still some 808 laced tracks with high hats and complex piano chords to get you geeked up like bonus track “We Different” ft. Alex E Miller.

 (Around 2:23, the intro on the third verse gave us the biggest Tupac chills. )

 One of our favorite thing about this album though was Latta’s “don’t you want to sound rich?” tags.smilelaughsmilelaughsmilelaugh

Overall Family Music Life gives the listeners a great sense of who Rich Latta is behind the bars and production.  We give it a 4/5.

Check out Rich Latta’s Family Music Life below.

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Toro Y Moi Continued. What For?

Revisiting What For? after Toro Y Moi’s show at the State Theater.

Everything is different about What For? and we should’ve saw it coming. For those fans quietly waiting for Anything in Return II to drop, you can keep waiting and in the mean time enjoy What For? for exactly what it is, another Toro Y Moi album.

The difference between a good artist and a great artist is their abilities to transcend genres to produce a suburb product. Soon after the release of What For? Toro Y Moi dropped Samantha, a mixtape which features collaborations from Rome Fortune, Das Racist’s KOOL A.D. and Washed Out. But What For? is still all Toro. Guitar driven, poppy, and smooth. The question remains how good is the album?
Toro Y Moi latest album What For? comes with mixed reviews. Those dedicated to the funky sexy smooth style of Anything in Return and Underneath the Pine may have overlooked Toro Y Moi June 2009 album. What For? maybe Burdicks return to his lo-fi indie bedroom roots. Check out “Girl Problems” from June 2009.
Only two months after releasing Anything in Return Burdick told Rolling Stone that he was getting bored of doing r&b and funk.
“So I’m trying to see exactly, where it can go from there,” said Burdick. What For? is where it goes. Just as personal as Toro’s other works, Bundick expresses a sense of real world problems on tracks like “Lilly”. As Usual Bundick takes adult feelings to another level, lyrics like “Every day is like this, no one gets no where. Every day is like this, no one gets nothing,” capturing the empty feeling on foregone nostalgia.
Another favorite track from What for? is “Buffalo”. The melody is reminiscent of something Steely Dan would create. Then the chorus or the sweet part hits and takes over any delusions that What For? isn’t a Toro Y Moi Album. Bundick knows where the nerves are and how to hit them.