Listen: Unconditional From Qualah.

Recently, Florida rapper/singer Qualah decided to make her mark in the music game and released her first ep entitled UNconditional.

While some artists try to jam all of themselves into their first project, Unconditional is only an introduction to Qualah’s many sides. Like cracking open a book, a blunt, or a brewski, you’re bound to find your vice in Unconditional.


UNconditional proves that one can be a lady where she wants to be and a freak when she wants to be. The five-track ep has a huge “can I live?” vibe, from resurrecting harmonies about being your queen to dropping bars about getting your self-respect up, hints of Qualah’s personal journey can be heard throughout the ep on every level.

On the ep’s opening track “Savage”, (first of all, love the title) Qualah finesses a motivational r&b track into a thuggy dedication to defining your own character.

“They not going to take you seriously until you get yourself respect up. We all go through struggles but you really gotta hustle to keep your mind right.”

Produced by Glory Muzic, the track revolves around the fixed frames placed upon people daily. The idea that only you can define who you are is what makes “Savage” a primo introduction track.


There’s an irresistible charisma that oozes a person who knows what they want and what they are willing to sacrifice to get that weight up.

“Weight” proves that there is no love lost between the rapper and emotional muggers.

“Weight” is the second track from Qualah’s UNconditonal. Produced by PaulCabbinBeats, “Weight”, doesn’t hide behind grand gestures of metaphors and similes about the letter G in lasagna. Qualah comes at the track with a provoked precision that leaves no room for mistaken affection.

“This is for the internet thugs that think you won’t get touched,

Ctrl, Atl, Delete your ass.”


Our favorite track from Unconditional is “Remedy”. This three-minute serenade takes us back to the vault.

Like deeeeeeeeeep in the vault.

We’re talking about (not to make you feel old) 13 years ago, to a Trina and Kelly Rowland collaboration mixed with essences of “Cater 2 U” from Destiny child. For all our thuggy readers, if you were looking for a valentine’s day remedy, Qualah’s “Remedy” might be just what you need.

The track is real, it’s savage yet it feels smooth, sincere, and sexy making “Remedy” is definitely a V-Day playlist must.

Check more of Qualah’s UNconditional HERE  including a “I Wanna” and let us know what you think.

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Watch: Head To Head With Robb Gat$

Let’s not pretending Gat$ You Know What You Did wasn’t one of the most important drop in November.

Gat$ is a man of the people.

He likes to talk about the real issues.

Most importantly November is when he comes Alive.

So what are you missing? The other pieces to the puzzle.

gats scb.jpg

Like we said, Gat$ like to talk about the real issues, real life situations. Maybe that’s what makes his music relatable to homegrown hustlers and hip-hop heads alike.

Over that past year he has gone through a series of life changes that would’ve proablaby held the average rapper down. But there’s a none verbal understanding that Gat$ isn’t you average 16 spitter.


In the past month he has

Released a new project which you can check out here.


Released some new merch.

Destroyed his Hiphopalooza 5 Set.


With even more to come we’re sure. Catch up with Gat$ now as we go Head to Head.

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Watch: Jinx – Heaven Is Close Live.

Fresh off the release of his new album, I Am Jahson, Jinx newest single “Heaven is Close” is as motivational and powerful as the album title.


Media outlets like 95.7 The Beat and Creative Loafing have praised Jinx for the vibe on his latest single. But for a chance to really understand the album, we’d suggest seeing Jinx Live. Luckily Jinx is throwing a album release party Dec. 16th at Lot 1901.

However if you’re just as impatient as we are, you can check out this live performance Jinx laid down at Left Lane Ent. presents Art & Soul just moments after his album dropped.

Check out Jinx performing “Heaven is Close“.

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Watch: Deezy Wee the Reaper – Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks is streaming everywhere which means we are getting closer to Deezy Wee The Reaper‘s highly anticipated ep, Pickled Oranges.

In the meantime here’s The Reaper performing “Pop Rocks” at Wine & Rhyme.

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Listen: Rich Latta’s Family Music Life

What’s cool about Rich Latta’s music?

His stories are the root of his latest project Family Music Life. This Tampa Bay rapper, producer, & engineer has been releasing music for over two years.

FML is a step away from the drug-induced bars we’re used to hearing. Instead, Latta fills his tracks with rhymes about daily routines and life’s trivial pursuit or purpose.

From “Early Morning Dreaming” a track brimming with the optimism of a new man with a new hustle to the disco-inspired “Daddy Cool”, Latta’s FML features a variety of instrumentals with varying topics.

The sample-heavy “I Miss Rocafella” is definitely for any Roc-a-fella Records fans secretly hoping Dame Dash and Jay-z buried the hatchet. The lyrical content definitely sends you to a nostalgic era when “H to the Izzo” was used more than swag and your pants had to be at least two sizes too big.

With 45 on the loose again this past weekend, referring to Athletes who stand up for what they believe in as “sons of bitches”, we found ourselves listening to “Letter To Kaepernick” a lot.  21167177_10156046040196111_1711599019053205188_o.jpgz9THacSoVs9S19FvELDaojJV.jpeg

A track dedicated to American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The bass whipped, boom bap flexed with a tinge on MF Doom the instrumental is a neck snapper.

Don’t get us wrong there are still some 808 laced tracks with high hats and complex piano chords to get you geeked up like bonus track “We Different” ft. Alex E Miller.

 (Around 2:23, the intro on the third verse gave us the biggest Tupac chills. )

 One of our favorite thing about this album though was Latta’s “don’t you want to sound rich?” tags.smilelaughsmilelaughsmilelaugh

Overall Family Music Life gives the listeners a great sense of who Rich Latta is behind the bars and production.  We give it a 4/5.

Check out Rich Latta’s Family Music Life below.

Tags us with your favorite Rocafella Track. We want to know which Roc member you f*cked with the most.

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Watch & Listen: Richie Guapo Interview

Stepping away from the west coast sounds of his first Album Project LA, Richie Gaupo, keeps it trill on with his sophomore follow up Screwed Up.

Gaupo has admitted to being heavily inspired by the slowed down, chopped and screwed Houston sound. As much as his numerous trips to H-town have helped him draw out Houston’s true screwed up culture, it was his unwavering love for Dj Screw which truly inspired Gaupo’s direction on Screwed Up.

While tracks “Nightmares” and “Teched Out” are my personal favorites, many Tampa artists, from Phaze Jones to Ayo’ Lori, have agreed that Screwed Up’s Apex comes from the effortlessly smooth collaboration on “Bout That Action” featuring Wheatly & Haze Ala.

Gaupo : It originally started out just me and Wheatly, He came up with the hook for it. Then I needed the right sound, so I hit up Yung Seven for a beat. I knew it was missing something, Me and Haze, we real cool, so I hit him up.

The trippy washed out background samples paired with Guapo’s laid back style works perfectly on the track. As the three emcees maneuver through their verses to a finish line guitar riff, the pinging and lingering piano phrases make it nearly impossible to listen to the track only once.

If you don’t know who Richie Guapo is then you’ve been beyond absent. Listen to Screw Up from Richie Gaupo

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A Samurai’s Goodbye

How does Tampa say goodbye to some hometown heroes? by selling the f*ck out of Crowbar.

The Samurai Shotgun Riptide album release party at Crowbar was sold out. With performances from Mighty Jai, Rising Down and Queen of Ex, just to name a few, Crowbar last night was for lack of better word “lit”. But it wasn’t just Crowbar that was filled with samurai support, love for the shotgun could be seen all throughout the streets of Ybor.


One of the highlights of the party was a song featuring Queen of Ex and Sen from Bangarang. The pandemonium grew rapidly as the two of emcees laid down a high energy performance with Samurai Shotgun. I nearly sh*t my pant when Queen of Ex grabbed the mic.

As the Samurai set to embark on another adventure filled move to Atlanta, we know that they will carry and represent the Tampa Bay area to the highest honor. Embracing everything that comes their way with grace, humility, and an open mind because that’s what a samurai does.


One more very important thing, We will see Samurai Shotgun at Afropunk this year no matter what.




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