Watch: Head To Head With Robb Gat$

Let’s not pretending Gat$ You Know What You Did wasn’t one of the most important drop in November.

Gat$ is a man of the people.

He likes to talk about the real issues.

Most importantly November is when he comes Alive.

So what are you missing? The other pieces to the puzzle.

gats scb.jpg

Like we said, Gat$ like to talk about the real issues, real life situations. Maybe that’s what makes his music relatable to homegrown hustlers and hip-hop heads alike.

Over that past year he has gone through a series of life changes that would’ve proablaby held the average rapper down. But there’s a none verbal understanding that Gat$ isn’t you average 16 spitter.


In the past month he has

Released a new project which you can check out here.


Released some new merch.

Destroyed his Hiphopalooza 5 Set.


With even more to come we’re sure. Catch up with Gat$ now as we go Head to Head.

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Happy Birthday To Deezy Wee The Reaper!

Take a look back at how Deezy Wee The Reaper and the rest of Young Parisians took over California.

We can definitely say he took “Cali style” a step further in his west coast/ legalize it inspired “Jetro” visual.

Taking advantage of California’s finest dispensaries and an old church turned Air Bnb getaway, Deezy decided to leave Cali in a blaze of glory while depositing a small fortune into the pockets of Backwoods Cigars.

The only thing we’re wondering is how much weed do you think was smoked during the making of “Jetro” the California edition?



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Interview: Mya Cato

Two Tampa Bay yogis have found the perfect way to push the boundaries of sound, sight, taste, entrepreneurialism, and the conscious mind.

At the center of this magnetically powered take on elevating mind body and soul are Mya Cato and Jalisa Robinson. The dynamic duo founded Movement Through Poetry, a refreshing showcase of pure artistry meshed with an immense amount of positive energy.

Recently the duo hosted their third installment of MTP and It’s clear to see they defiantly did it for the culture. Drum tribes, prolific poets, and a chef so talented it was hard to decipher if the audience enjoyed the poetry as much as his shrimp and grits.


Luckily for you guys we got to pick Mya Cato’s brain about, Mumble rap, black culture, the future of MTP.


She has dedicated the past 3 years of her life to finding her inner peace as well as helping others find theirs through a yoga. It’s serendipitous to believe she agreed to attend her first yoga class on a whim.

“I found myself in a yoga class because of a friend. I heard about yoga but it never really sparked my interest. One reason is that you never see people of color doing it” Cato continues “so three of us are sweating in this hot ass yoga class and I remember afterward just feeling inspired, refreshed and rejuvenated.”


Let’s say that one taste is all it took for Cato. Within a year she was certified to teach yoga. Then decided to take her passion for yoga and bring it into her neighborhood and community. She was determined to bring it into the mind of people of color, to help them understand how yoga isn’t only the transformation of the body but the mind also.

SCB: How did you decide that Movement Through Poetry was the right way to help Tampa move in the right direction?

MC: I love yoga. I love all forms of art, but it was my partner Jalisa that came up with the idea. She was at a poetry event in Atlanta or Nashville and she was inspired by some poetry she heard. So she wanted to incorporate movement to poetry because what the poets were saying was so thought-provoking, but she didn’t want to do it just anywhere.  She brought the idea to me, I went right with it. We wanted to have all these artists in one space because artists don’t have enough support, in my opinion. What better way to collaborate with other artists than to showcase together?


SCB: You guys have received some national attention; you ever think about taking Movement Through Poetry on tour or something along those lines?

MC: Yes, but we’re really trying to build, here in Tampa first. We really want to bring more people here and put on for our city, then we can do pop ups in different cities.

SCB: The shows are definitely moving. Everything is visually appealing, the poetry is dope, the vendors are showcasing their products, how will you expand on future shows?

MC: Every show gets better. We have discussed plenty different avenues to bring a more artgasmic experience. MTP3 featured a VIP Paint-N-Sip pre-show experience and we were nervous about including it before the show but it turned out to be awesome. We want to keep adding things like that. We want to outgrow the venue and host it at the Straz Center one day.


SCB: For the artists that are of age and vendors that may want to work with Movement Through Poetry for your next event, how could they do that?

MC: Reach out. We have an inbox full of messages from artists from Colorado, from here from Orlando. Vendors as well, we want to reach more vendors from all over because most of what they create are handmade goods. So they put energy into what they create and that’s what the showcase is about.


SCB: How are you dealing with all the negativity in the news nowadays?

MC: We have to be able to find our own inner peace. There’s always going to be some form of chaos, but my passion and purpose is to heal and not focus so much on the negative. I think it’s about our next generation. Kids see everything. So if they see [or hear], what are negative influences or what they are hearing, They’re all being influenced. Can we be more positive? Can we be more light filled so that we’re not promoting violence? I think it’s about positive influences.

Even in music, I like listening to instrumentals because I love the feels. I love the vibrations and the frequencies of different instruments. So when I listen to a trap song, I’m not in my head. I mean, I’m feeling it, but I’m feeling the beat more. I don’t care what they’re saying. You can’t understand what they’re saying. That’s not what I would want my kids (if I had kids) to listen to and being influenced by.

SCB: You mentioned you listen to instrumentals?

MC: Okay wait. I can say this because it’s in the works right now and it’s almost done. I’m creating an album. A soul yoga album and it’s mostly instrumentals. It’s going to be about 12 tracks that you can listen to in the car, put on in the morning and vibe to while you getting ready for work. Music that you can do yoga too because we don’t have enough music that we can just vibe too without subliminal messages hidden between the beats.

Mya Cato has an upcoming beginner’s guide to yoga class on September 10th, don’t miss out on that experience.


Check out some of the footage from Movement Through Poetry III finale composed of two yogis and a phenomenal poet named Wally B.

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Nico Sweet Interview

Her passion for empowering her melanin her brothers and sisters through prose has led her to our shore. Nico Sweet has only been in the bay area for a short period of time but the North Carolina transplant has already created her own wave. Her energetic performances, often accompanied by members of Macibision, command attention but it’s her enigmatic personality off stage that gives her an edge over most.


SC: How do you like the bay so far?

NS: I love my home; I will say that but you know when you deserve more. I love it here. I love that it’s always sunny and then when it is cloudy sun is still coming.

SC: Tells us about your relationship with MillI Moon and Ayo Mama?

NS: Both of them treated me like family but Milly didn’t like me at first because I gave her attitude from the start. It was the funniest thing cause like she barked back at me. But Ayo came with the rest of family like Macibision has treated me like they’ve known me and we met through Facebook. I’m not really besties with anybody on Facebook but since they’ve seen me and they met me it’s been like “come here, big sis”.

SC: How did you get into music?

NS: I was singing, writing poetry, you know that how it starts and then I thought let me give this rap thing a try. It’s a lot easier than trying to think of a hook and why should I be emotional and shit? I liked it a lot better.

SC: You remember your first rhyme?

NS: Oh my god, I just remember I wrote to that “Champion” beat from Kanye West. Shit, do I remember, though?……. Nope, haha.


SC: New music on the way?

NS: Okay so this is the plan, you’re getting the exclusive. I have two projects that I want to drop. The plan is I want my mixtape to be better than the album. My mixtape is going to be all new stuff and I want to drop the mixtape before the album. The mixtape should be called happy pills serurm. The album will be self-titled, Ocin ID EP.

Check out our interview with the very human Nico Sweet as she gives us exclusive details about her new projects, what keeps her going, and broth soups vs cream soups.

Make sure you guys go check out Nico Sweets performing live this Saturday at The Venture Compound. The set list is crazy, should be a great show.


Watch: Young Parisians Take Over: L.A. edition Part 2

The Lo-Fi event presented by DeadBird and Eye Level Entertainment was without a doubt… dope. I truly mean dope in every sense of the word.


The best in California’s urban art scene, along with refreshing beverages, outstanding performances from bay area rappers alike and a one of a kind experience of Californiacating within a friendly atmosphere, attendees at the Lo-Fi event indulged in it all._dsc6538

Half way though the event Mike Mass announced that the event space was indeed herb friendly and within a matter of moments nearly everyone in the audience had some cali good good in one hand and a lighter in the other. The energy in the room seemed to instantly elevate, for a lack of a better term.

But besides getting “lifted” I really thinking the highlight of the Lo-fi event was the return of Travis Lavoe. The Young Parisian was released from jail and was on a flight to L.A. in less than 24 hours.

“No more Free Lavoe, Lavoe free now.”



He landed just in time to catch some to turn up with acts Deezy Wee the Reaper, Ash Riser, Vern Senior, Vinny Virgo and more.

Watch as The Young Parisians put the love first with at their Lo-Fi event in L.A.

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Kickback and Enjoy Cali Love With YP

The Young Parisians went coastal and took over another city for a week. This time it was L.A. For some first-timers making it to the west coast was life-affirming stuff and for others the sun’s rays and palms trees shade made it feel like being right at home.

Watch YP take over at the Black & Denim Kickback and receive a little Cali love while they’re at it.

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