Listen: Tyrell Golden – The Art Of Death

Have you ever heard of rhythm & grunge?

Good neither have we, but Tyrell Golden recently delivered a track located in such an obscure subgenre it’s almost hard not to be intrigued by the combination.  Honestly, who else could tap into r&b’s soulful side and incorporate a familiar distorted grunge tone like Golden?

Back on his grunge shit, Tyrell Golden linked with producer Dymon on “The Art of Death”, the first single from his upcoming DIAMONDEYEZ project.


Listeners can hear different influences throughout the track. At one point during the chorus, we totally got a Kush & Orange Juice/Burn After Rolling type Khalifa vibe.  Overall the song is just over a minute and a half but can hold you over until the project is released.

You can catch Golden performing with New Jersey-bred rapper, Dash, on the Tampa stop of his Loose Skrew tour March 9th.


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Listen: Unconditional From Qualah.

Recently, Florida rapper/singer Qualah decided to make her mark in the music game and released her first ep entitled UNconditional.

While some artists try to jam all of themselves into their first project, Unconditional is only an introduction to Qualah’s many sides. Like cracking open a book, a blunt, or a brewski, you’re bound to find your vice in Unconditional.


UNconditional proves that one can be a lady where she wants to be and a freak when she wants to be. The five-track ep has a huge “can I live?” vibe, from resurrecting harmonies about being your queen to dropping bars about getting your self-respect up, hints of Qualah’s personal journey can be heard throughout the ep on every level.

On the ep’s opening track “Savage”, (first of all, love the title) Qualah finesses a motivational r&b track into a thuggy dedication to defining your own character.

“They not going to take you seriously until you get yourself respect up. We all go through struggles but you really gotta hustle to keep your mind right.”

Produced by Glory Muzic, the track revolves around the fixed frames placed upon people daily. The idea that only you can define who you are is what makes “Savage” a primo introduction track.


There’s an irresistible charisma that oozes a person who knows what they want and what they are willing to sacrifice to get that weight up.

“Weight” proves that there is no love lost between the rapper and emotional muggers.

“Weight” is the second track from Qualah’s UNconditonal. Produced by PaulCabbinBeats, “Weight”, doesn’t hide behind grand gestures of metaphors and similes about the letter G in lasagna. Qualah comes at the track with a provoked precision that leaves no room for mistaken affection.

“This is for the internet thugs that think you won’t get touched,

Ctrl, Atl, Delete your ass.”


Our favorite track from Unconditional is “Remedy”. This three-minute serenade takes us back to the vault.

Like deeeeeeeeeep in the vault.

We’re talking about (not to make you feel old) 13 years ago, to a Trina and Kelly Rowland collaboration mixed with essences of “Cater 2 U” from Destiny child. For all our thuggy readers, if you were looking for a valentine’s day remedy, Qualah’s “Remedy” might be just what you need.

The track is real, it’s savage yet it feels smooth, sincere, and sexy making “Remedy” is definitely a V-Day playlist must.

Check more of Qualah’s UNconditional HERE  including a “I Wanna” and let us know what you think.

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Listen: Travis Lavoe Unplugged

Check out our interview with Hip hop songwriter and poet, Travis Lavoe. He discussed the impact of music on his life as a adolescence and some secret old inspirations.

His word play abilities probably shine best when compressed into 16 bar flow, weaving stories in and out of his life into yours, this is Travis Lavoe Unplugged.

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Recap To End All Recaps

YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS Tampa!!!!! Shout all to all the creative around the bay area.

This is how we want start our black history month, nothing but great projects, great energy, and amazing melanated people.

Thursday Night

We started of the month the right way with a dope Vern Senior Yeadillac album listen session.


That’s right, Vern Senior decided to bless 2018 with a preview of some of that smooth stank he’s been working on. In recent months we’ve seen Vern collaborations with BangarangAri Chi, and Noo$e.

He’s racked up on producer credits left and right so it was a delightful treat to actually dive into the world of Yeadillac and hear what’s been stewing in his pot.

Hip hop lovers toasted and prowled around The Lion’s Den Cigar Lounge as King Knox was served exclusive unreleased tracks from the bay area rapper. As the tunes progressed Vern went on to surprise all the cool cats in cool hats with some SUPER EXCLUSIVE tracks with “Pop Rocks” rapper, Deezy Wee the Reaper.

When we asked one girl what she thought of the album she said,

“the album was fire emoji, fire emoji, fire emoji, waves, waves, waves”.

One girl was overheard saying

“this is some Tampa shit, right here”.

So were thinking that’s a good thing!?!….right???

Friday Night

If you weren’t already feeling yourself this past Friday night, the right mix from the bar at Iberian Rooster and you were guaranteed to be under DJ Mellohype’s Caribbean spell.


Mellohype literally unlocked a new level on the dance floor. All we heard from the selectah was “it’s still early”, next thing we know bodies were flying into motion. From the bar to the curry goat, straight booty bumping, rump rolling, gyrating all over that dancery.

We watched the basement of Iberian Rooster become a dance floor filled with syncopated thunder claps and circles centered around cycling windmills. Mellohype kept the crowd on the toes at all times, switching it up from reggae to reggaeton to Afrobeat and then dropping 90’s R&B hidden gems, nothing was off limits.


It started to look like an early 2000s Sean Paul video mixed with all of the season of Americas Best Dance Crew with the Jabberwockeez on it.


We will say though, the next Bashment flyer needs to come with a warning label that’s says

“DJ Mellohype may cause you to dance your ass off. ….so be ready for that.. like stretch or something.”

Check out our photo recap of a rhythm filled night.

Saturday Night

We found ourselves back at IR to celebrate the official release of Deezy Wee the Reaper’s ep, Pickled Oranges. The night was sprinkled with live performances from Mari Sodope, Ayo Mama, Tony Handz and GAT$, who delivered a phenomenal performance.

By the way if you looking for GAT$ online, one more time that’s



Spell that right.

Listeners have to admire Beyo’s commitment to getting everything just right. Deezy’s flow and Beyo’s ability to create the right amount of tension and release in his productions is what pushed Pickled Oranges to be such a highly anticipated project.


The night had to be capped off with a killer set from the man of the hour, Deezy Wee the Reaper. Deezy left everything on the stage during his performance.


We can’t help feel like it was just the other night that Beyo made this beat. Those two creative psychopaths, (Deezy and Beyo) set out to release a collaborative project. They, in turn, ended up releasing a movement through sound.

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Here’s a little thank you for fucking with us video recap of just how we started this month.

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Watch : 3 Visuals You Should Peep

With the whole hype of a new year the allure of a fresh start may get the best of us, however there one thing you should be certain about at least when it comes to the bay area.

When we say we are going to set the new year on fire,


Although there are too many projects to even keep up with forethought remains the same. Tampa is going to win, this year. Alright, Alright, enough with the bullshit, we know why you’re really here. You want some new new. Luckily we’ve got you covered from the 727 to the 813.

First let’s talk about aiming high with Crown Marquiss.

Crown Marquiss perform at WLCM2KNXVLL.

Early this week the St. Pete friendly Crown Marquiss released a visual for his single “Breaking Silence”.

The visual directed by Paul Rosier frames the Local Muzik C.E.O.  in a warm wooden set. Often playing with the cameras direction, Rosier lets Marquiss bars be the highlight of the video.

Sporting a Miami Hurricane as he spits bars, literal bars, while lounging with his feet up, you get a sense that Marquiss is a calm, cool, creative with an untarnished business mind. The type of person that only breaks silence when necessary.

Whether you’re into local music or not, check out Crown Marquiss “Breaking Silence” Below.


This might just be the year of MMS.


We’re not sure where you were this past Saturday but Achilles The Conqueror released his new album Valor along with a visual for his single “Prism”

Achilles The Conqueror at Conquer All.

We had the chance to preview this track back in October. Hyped as always, this track encompasses the solidarity that seems familiar with Achilles visuals but this time we get to peep the true valor of a god.

From Fur coats to pimp suits to the precise cuts the visual oozes full sovereignty and establishes what some already knew 79 Sorcery is coming for head this year.

Check out “Prism” From Achilles The Conqueror.


Last but in no way least. Probably the most anticipated release this month comes from Hip-hop, r&b song bird Artis SHI.

Artis SHI in Brooklyn.

We guess you can say our wait is…”No More”. We’ve been a fan of Artis SHI since our stint in New York where she constantly razzle dazzled big city big wigs with her versatile style.

“Is she a rapper? Is she a sanger?“ They would ask.


She is Art SHI and it seems wasting no more time starting her new year off right.

The visual for “No More”, directed by Bari, features Artis SHI taking back her heart back and getting lost. Not in the Sauce just away from the bullshit. SHI finesses a intimate performance in a vacant airport waiting area.

The video is reminiscent of Kanye Wests “All Falls Down” and the 1942 American romantic drama Casablanca.

Overall we were really excited to see SHI back on our screens and hopefully we’ll be seeing more off her all year.

Check out “No More” From Artis SHI now.


One last thing, what we love the most about these visual is the creative dedication to showcase the artists more that the giltz and glamor. We see you guys and appreciate your strides very much.

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Is it weird that all the songs you should be bumping this week come from the same EP?

Earlier this week the suicide messiah, YOURHOMIEPONDER, released BAPHOMET, an EP cultivated base on principle of polarity and the convection that blasphemy is a good thing.

Get to know YOURHOMIEPONDER with us.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 2.33.20 PM.png

He is a rapper and producer from Tampa, Florida. He has been honing his skills as both for nearly a decade, reinventing himself as an artist multiple times along the way. At this point it appears as though he has found himself exactly where he belongs.

SCB: How did you come up with the name?

YOURHOMIEPONDER: The name YOURHOMIEPONDER doesn’t really have any super deep meaning to it, my friends at the time I created it just called me Ponder because it’s my last name and I started using that, then it just became YOURHOMIEPONDER at some point because it sounded better to me and I didn’t want to have some generic “lil” or “young” name.

SCB: What inspires your music?

YHP: My music comes from a very dark place, and expresses the world I see around me and some of my own experiences and struggles through content containing extremely graphic depictions of violence, sex, drug use, mental illness, and suicide. I’m influenced by artist such as Nine Inch Nails, Father, Marilyn Manson, and of course my contemporaries in Florida lyrically. The music I make is a mix of horrorcore, trap, and industrial music.BAPHOMET COVER copy 1.jpg

SCB: Future plans for creative endeavors?

YHP: I plan on just continuing down this path of artistry I’ve started on always looking for growth. I just love art, I always wanted to just become art myself, like everything I do.

Breaking Down the EP.



Rip Young Ghoul

PONDER seems to take pleasure in being exactly what you hate, maybe that why the lyrics seems so playful on this track. Sensitive off-to-the side melodies, mixed with hip hop drums and conventional trap flows to offset the moving atmosphere are all the elements the making “Rip Young Ghoul” such an interesting track.

Check out “Rip Young Ghoul” below



Regardless of what level of the holy trinity you are currently ranked at, “Blaspheme” raises the listener to a god like level. Ironically enough, the rigid and aggressive tone of the track moves with a presences similar to Kayne West’s slow and skin crawling Yeezy album. The rapper claims “Blaspheme” speaks to his belief that everyone is their own individual god and yet the lowest form of life to everyone else.

Check out “Blaspheme” now


Antichrist Messiah

Stressing the notion that evil and good is ultimately subjective, is the slow and rewinding track entitled “Antichrist Messiah”.

The song, structurally, is a bit offsetting. PONDER’s verses sway from descriptively violent thoughts that swerve on the path less travel just to return to a buoyant chorus in the nick of time.  “It’s all about this idea that ‘evil exist,’ what’s evil to you isn’t to me and what is to me isn’t to someone else,” said Ponder.

Check out Antichrist Messiah below


Cult of Maggots

Compared to the rest of the EP, “Cult of Maggots” stands out as the climax of decay, pain, violence, and the benevolent actions we take to rectify those feelings. Right down to the duality of the vocals, and upbeat drum pattern clapping against the waning synths, PONDER directs the listener towards embracing that diminishing guilt and feeling the emptiness that is replaced by pleasures.   “Cult of Maggots” is hands down our favorite track with Blaspheme trailing closely behind.

Check out Cult of Maggots now

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Listen : 3 Songs You Should Be Bumping Presented By Hagan Lee

During conversations here and there we slowly began to grasp how much local artists listen to other local artists. In effort to uncover how deep that rabbit hole goes we started asking artists to recommend their personal “you have to bump this” playlist. The first person we asked of course was the bag boss, Hagan Lee.

His choice of songs we should be bumping come straight from St. Pete’s finest. Some you might be familiar with; some you might be discovering only for the first time. Hagan went into his bag for this one though, so let’s peep it together.

First off, we’re starting off with “Suave House” from Mighty Jai. Produced by SKMGinc and illustrated by “Sabrina and Joe’s son”, Suave House is a smooth mixed of detailed reality folded between sultry drum claps and hi hats.

The track offers an introspective view that allows you to peep Mighty Jai’s vision. The smooth, boss talk definitely makes the song worth the replay for those trying to get in tune with themselves.

Check out “Suave House” from Mighty Jai now.

Second, we have “Got A Lotta Love” from Jack Fletcher

Another Smooth banger that inspires the inner hustler within us all.

Capturing sights from Central Ave to the blocks where you might find Hagen Lee roaming, we love that the love can be felt within the visual for the track. Fletcher verses paints the strife from the slums but also the good that presents itself from the city.

Check out Jack Fletcher’s “Got A lotta Love”.

Last but definitely not least “Morning Rain” from Acoupstix.

First of all, this video is dope. The visuals for “Morning Rain” starts with interesting twist, a rain cloud hanging over Acoupstix, literally hanging over the man.

“Morning Rain” might just be the pause in grey skies you were looking for as Acoupstix verses on the track present a perplexed perspective any soul dealing with personal relationship troubles can related to. The track produced by Ty Stokes, slaps with a boom bap snare and lightly saturated with a piano sample. Director, Moji Wilson did an amazing Job capturing the vibe of this track.

Check out “Morning Rain” from Acoupstix now.

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