Watch: Kid Loki Live From Philly

Yes, that Facebook alert you received at 9:17 this morning was correct, it’s Laura “Kid Loki” Proenza’s birthday. Before you buy her birthday shots check out this exclusive performance she delivered in Philly.

Should we set the scene?

Climax of The Four Horsemen Tour, (a much needed climax we should say) as Baltimore left a rather nasty taste of dissatisfaction that can only be compared to eating a cake covered in too much artificial frosting and then being forced to eat seconds.

Shortly after arriving in Philly, the vibes returned. Almost like a zombie that just need a Philly cheesesteak sandwich to return back to life, the tour was almost back to full apocalyptic level. We just needed a catalyst of sorts to fully get the train back on its tracks. _DSC3441.JPG


That catalyst came in the form of a uke strapped, merch slanging horsewoman named Kid Loki. She would go on to open up the Philly stop of the tour. Setting the tone and returning the half chaotic half childlike wanderlust feeling back to the tour.

For your viewing pleasure, check out Kid Loki, Live from Philly.

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Conquer All, this past Saturday night was


to say the least. And to say the most, well….

We conquered all!

It was a slurry of good friends, funny smells by the bath room, trades of all sorts,

and umm …..well

a lot of Black Pussy.

There was a lot of Black Pussy (there was no other way to put that), Achilles The Conqueror would’ve wanted it that way, if we are going to be honest.


The man of the hour spent his birthday show being showered in gratitude and admiration from family, friends and fans.

Along with previewing some new material, Achilles took to the stage leaving the audience shocked and awe’d with his guitar technicality and his unwavering dedication to those who possess coco butter skin.

Anyways, we had a woot!

Yes you read that right “a woot!” and we wanted to share some flicks from Conquer all with you guys. So check out these photos from a seriously amazing night.

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Look: Art & Soul Recap

We know it’s cold,

You know it’s cold,

Which made last night the perfect time to bust out that fur that’s been sitting in your closet and stunt.


Floridians aren’t known having a strong poker face when going up against 30-degree weather. But there we were, perilously seeking heat in furs, Dusse, and the welcoming environment of a Left Lane Ent event.

Shaking off the fright, the performers on the bill kept the audience riled up. Between side splitting humor, awe inspiring fancy footwork, and outstanding vocal performances, the vibe at last night’s Art & Soul felt especially warm.

However, what made this past Art & Soul so special was the man on the 1’s and 2’s, DJ Sandman, from 95.7 The Beat. The night left nothing to be desired and now we’ll be waiting till next week to really heat things up with Haze Ala, Jinx, and more at WLCM2KNXVLL.


Check out our photo recap of Art & Soul below.

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Look : The Basement Recap

Here’s a trick question: How did you spend the first Friday of the New Year?

Whether you already broke your new years resolutions or you feel like that new gym membership is gradually paying off there’s only one answer that really counts, “I was at Left Lane Ent Presents The Basement, Duh!”

Between the music, the dancing, the heavy handed bartenders, and the food, we don’t see new season of Black Mirror couldn’t wait until pon de river pon de bank the right way for 2018.

Well just incase you weren’t face first in curry goat or getting low when DJ Mellohype said so, we’ve got a dope recap straight the basement of Iberian Rooster.

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Listen: 3 Songs You Should Be Bumping Right Now

We are this close to the end of the year and I’m proud to say we’ll finish it as strongly as we’ve started. So many artists are still releasing projects helping us perfectly ice the cake.

Tapping into some first class sexiness, song bird, Ahri and rapper, Tune DaPoet team up on  “Track 11” is a sultry combo of marinated emptions and mixed drinks. Produced by Elevated, this collaboration oozes the right amount r&b and hip-hop.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 7.33.08 AM.png

Ahri’s vocal precision paired with Almighty Pink background vocals are devastatingly captivating but there is a mastering genius somewhere that should know 2:04 almost sent us into a diabetic coma.

Tune DaPoet verse perfectly complements Arhi sweet vocals. Rather than trying to create a contrast which may crack in the emotional landscape of “Trank 11”, DaPoet sets the verbal climax, which inevitably makes the listener want to replay the track instantly.

Listen to “Track 11” from Ahri x Tune DaPoet now.

Bay area to Bay area the objective is the same, not looking for love, just looking for someone to drive while we roll this up.

Vinny Virgo continues taking and making hits, this time with his new single “Girls Who Smoke Weed”.


This isn’t your turn up in the club ditty, this is a roll up the windows of the Buick Cutlass up joint. A herb friendly lovers anthem, “Girls Who Smoke Weed”, has a laid back, enjoy every simple moment vibe.

The track retires the technical and adapts the essence of a smooth pre-rolled. Virgo’s playful wit and tactical verbiage is key in the cognitive consistency of this track.

Check out Vinny Virgo’s “ Girls Who Smoke Weed” below.

Last but not least. We Got “Golden X Burns” from the deviant minds Prince Golden and Charles Burns.


The video, directed by Michael M Sinclair, features two mankind era sock puppets of Tampa emcees, Prince Golden and Charles Burns.


The puppets attempt to entertain viewers played by, Ayo Mama and Raven, through a television screen. Though their attempts seem to frustrate the viewers more until eventually enough is enough and they destroy everything.

Most familiar with groups like Run-DMC, The Beastie Boys, and A Tribe called Quest the playful rhyme scheme used for this song keeps the listener interested the entire time.

We guess you can say, Burns and Golden rediscover that famous tit for tat lyrical scheme and lace it over a serious DJ Qeys production. The beat gives us crazy Neptune’s meets the boss level of Parappa the Rapper vibes and the video is probably one of our favorite videos from Michael M Sinclair.

Check out “Golden X Burns” now.

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Listen: Rich Latta’s Family Music Life

What’s cool about Rich Latta’s music?

His stories are the root of his latest project Family Music Life. This Tampa Bay rapper, producer, & engineer has been releasing music for over two years.

FML is a step away from the drug-induced bars we’re used to hearing. Instead, Latta fills his tracks with rhymes about daily routines and life’s trivial pursuit or purpose.

From “Early Morning Dreaming” a track brimming with the optimism of a new man with a new hustle to the disco-inspired “Daddy Cool”, Latta’s FML features a variety of instrumentals with varying topics.

The sample-heavy “I Miss Rocafella” is definitely for any Roc-a-fella Records fans secretly hoping Dame Dash and Jay-z buried the hatchet. The lyrical content definitely sends you to a nostalgic era when “H to the Izzo” was used more than swag and your pants had to be at least two sizes too big.

With 45 on the loose again this past weekend, referring to Athletes who stand up for what they believe in as “sons of bitches”, we found ourselves listening to “Letter To Kaepernick” a lot.  21167177_10156046040196111_1711599019053205188_o.jpgz9THacSoVs9S19FvELDaojJV.jpeg

A track dedicated to American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The bass whipped, boom bap flexed with a tinge on MF Doom the instrumental is a neck snapper.

Don’t get us wrong there are still some 808 laced tracks with high hats and complex piano chords to get you geeked up like bonus track “We Different” ft. Alex E Miller.

 (Around 2:23, the intro on the third verse gave us the biggest Tupac chills. )

 One of our favorite thing about this album though was Latta’s “don’t you want to sound rich?” tags.smilelaughsmilelaughsmilelaugh

Overall Family Music Life gives the listeners a great sense of who Rich Latta is behind the bars and production.  We give it a 4/5.

Check out Rich Latta’s Family Music Life below.

Tags us with your favorite Rocafella Track. We want to know which Roc member you f*cked with the most.

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Watch: God Save The Queen!

We understand the concerns over Hurricane Irma. After seeing the devastation from Hurricane Harvey Floridians are worried about flooding, evacuating, pets, and bottled water. While these are all things you should rightfully be worried about, no one has asked the most important question,

Who is going to save the Queen?

We, of course, are talking about the talented lyricist, Queen of Ex.


We cannot, I retype cannot let any harm come to such an amazing performer. Afterall royalty is royalty y’all.


Watch Queen of Ex shut it down at Crowbar.


Below is a list of sites that will help you guys remain safe during the next couple days.

Find Your Evacuation Zone

Hurricane Preparations and Flooding

Disaster Planning Guide

Queen of Ex Soundcloud

Please Be Safe this weekend!

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