Last night’s WLCM2KNXVLL was a flurry of familiar faces, gyrating dance moves, and new heat from the beats.

On goers at The Bends enjoyed a night of exclusive features from Deezy Wee, Vern Sr, Charlie G and more. from the outside to the bar people barely sat down for a minute before another jam was being played.

King Knox what were you doing last night? What bag were you in? Where they do that at? and how did you know we needed to hear Trick Daddy and Trina’s “Take it to the house”?


Check out our photo recap of the night.

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Look: Art & Soul Recap.

There was plenty of leftover valentines love to go around at Iberian Rooster this past Thursday as Left Lane Ent presented Art & Soul.


We know the Black Panther movie just released yesterday however if you were at Iberian Rooster last night you would’ve seen some really cool black cats.

The night was powered by D’usse’ Cognac and valentine’s infectious energy. That combination plus paired with the Art & Soul house band featuring Israel Solberg, Julian Carrington,  and Caleb Sanders meant that no groove was off limit.


Diana Hardy aka D. Y. , King Complex, and Eliana Blanchard delivered phenomenal performances actually leaving the host, Charlie G, in a loop of favorite r&b tunes.


What’s better than Josh Cruz, D. Y. and Charlie G all letting their creativity flow together on stage?

The fact that Left is hitting us with a double banger. This Saturday, Feb. 17th, at Left Lane Ent. presents A Mad Ethnic Party.


In the words of Mighty Jai “ Why waste an opportunity for to throw a free party, right?”.

But before you start picking out your dashiki and your black panthers beret, check out our Art & Soul recap.

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Look: A Lovesick Recap

That’s right, whether you are single and mingling or in love feeling lovely, Love Sick: A Valentine’s Day Party at Anise was a vibe you shouldn’t have missed.

As a way to celebrate those who aren’t in a perfect relationship but still have hope, King Knox came up with a Love Sick Solution. Throw a shindig for those people looking for a cool, chill, fly vibe where you can also pop bottles. Plus if you ever get DJ Wally Clark and King Knox in the same building you know it’s on-site with the spinning.

Check out this brief recap of the event and pull up to Iberian Rooster later tonight if you still have heart eyes for King Knox.

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Look: Tampa For Puerto Rico Recap

The Tampa for Puerto Rico event proved to be a culturally jam-packed day featuring a lot of Hondas, Pina Coladas, foodies, and booties.

Shortly after gates, open performers started pouring out on to the stage. Organizers would work diligently to ensure all the details were correct, right down to the empanadas. Crowds shuffled between dancing, drinking, and enjoying a variety of food trucks and vendors located on site.

As the closing hours drew and the crowd’s energy seemed to wane. The highly anticipated headliners began to pour out, revitalizing the crowd. Dave East took on the role of the catalyst of this energetic renaissance. East, built on to the anticipation by uttering one phrase that would immediately resurrect the crowd’s energy.

The phrase would be “Fuck Trump”. The “Powder” rapper would go on to deliver a sensational performance to be followed by Fat Joe.


Fat Joe at Tampa for Puerto Rico.


Joey Crack performance would take the audience back to the 90’s and walk them through his extensive collections of hits.


After the trip in the hip-hop time capsule, Joe ended his set with a bona fide anecdote about how he knew right away he had to do everything in his power to help the people of Puerto Rico.


They Love Fat Joe.


We’re just glad that we, (Tampa) could support because “It’s important to help others when they need it most, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we’re doing it!”

Check out our Tampa For Puerto Rico Photo Recap.

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Recap To End All Recaps

YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS Tampa!!!!! Shout all to all the creative around the bay area.

This is how we want start our black history month, nothing but great projects, great energy, and amazing melanated people.

Thursday Night

We started of the month the right way with a dope Vern Senior Yeadillac album listen session.


That’s right, Vern Senior decided to bless 2018 with a preview of some of that smooth stank he’s been working on. In recent months we’ve seen Vern collaborations with BangarangAri Chi, and Noo$e.

He’s racked up on producer credits left and right so it was a delightful treat to actually dive into the world of Yeadillac and hear what’s been stewing in his pot.

Hip hop lovers toasted and prowled around The Lion’s Den Cigar Lounge as King Knox was served exclusive unreleased tracks from the bay area rapper. As the tunes progressed Vern went on to surprise all the cool cats in cool hats with some SUPER EXCLUSIVE tracks with “Pop Rocks” rapper, Deezy Wee the Reaper.

When we asked one girl what she thought of the album she said,

“the album was fire emoji, fire emoji, fire emoji, waves, waves, waves”.

One girl was overheard saying

“this is some Tampa shit, right here”.

So were thinking that’s a good thing!?!….right???

Friday Night

If you weren’t already feeling yourself this past Friday night, the right mix from the bar at Iberian Rooster and you were guaranteed to be under DJ Mellohype’s Caribbean spell.


Mellohype literally unlocked a new level on the dance floor. All we heard from the selectah was “it’s still early”, next thing we know bodies were flying into motion. From the bar to the curry goat, straight booty bumping, rump rolling, gyrating all over that dancery.

We watched the basement of Iberian Rooster become a dance floor filled with syncopated thunder claps and circles centered around cycling windmills. Mellohype kept the crowd on the toes at all times, switching it up from reggae to reggaeton to Afrobeat and then dropping 90’s R&B hidden gems, nothing was off limits.


It started to look like an early 2000s Sean Paul video mixed with all of the season of Americas Best Dance Crew with the Jabberwockeez on it.


We will say though, the next Bashment flyer needs to come with a warning label that’s says

“DJ Mellohype may cause you to dance your ass off. ….so be ready for that.. like stretch or something.”

Check out our photo recap of a rhythm filled night.

Saturday Night

We found ourselves back at IR to celebrate the official release of Deezy Wee the Reaper’s ep, Pickled Oranges. The night was sprinkled with live performances from Mari Sodope, Ayo Mama, Tony Handz and GAT$, who delivered a phenomenal performance.

By the way if you looking for GAT$ online, one more time that’s



Spell that right.

Listeners have to admire Beyo’s commitment to getting everything just right. Deezy’s flow and Beyo’s ability to create the right amount of tension and release in his productions is what pushed Pickled Oranges to be such a highly anticipated project.


The night had to be capped off with a killer set from the man of the hour, Deezy Wee the Reaper. Deezy left everything on the stage during his performance.


We can’t help feel like it was just the other night that Beyo made this beat. Those two creative psychopaths, (Deezy and Beyo) set out to release a collaborative project. They, in turn, ended up releasing a movement through sound.

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Here’s a little thank you for fucking with us video recap of just how we started this month.

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Okay so we think we finally understand the definition of “litwet” and if you were at Left Lane Ent. presents WLCM2KNXVLL last night we’re pretty sure you understand too.

The Bends became collage of collectives, colors and crooners, like really loud crooning.

But what do you expect when the beat drops and everyone knows and loves your music.

It’s a vibe, a wave, a moment.


The support was real. The crowd packed in from the rear corridor to the hallways dancing, having muffled conversations, and partaking  in very funny smells and most of all having a great time among friends.


We can describe the night in its entirety or we can let this photo recap do the talking.


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