Watch: Audio Artwork Manifest Interview

We don’t think anyone is as excited about the release of “Manifest” from Audio Artwork than Audio Artwork.

DSC09845With reason, if you’ve seen them live then you are aware it’s almost impossible to escape their flair for catchy choruses and whimsical hood portrayals.

“Manifest” is just one of those tracks that makes you feel like a fucking boss.  We’ve been waiting to feel boss like all 2018 so we expect AA to deliver. We are anxious for the release, so anxious we had to catch up with the guys to see what else they’ve been up to.

Check out our recent interview with this very entertaining duo.

Also, check out their recent video “DPWM” directed by Resonate Films.

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Last night’s WLCM2KNXVLL was a flurry of familiar faces, gyrating dance moves, and new heat from the beats.

On goers at The Bends enjoyed a night of exclusive features from Deezy Wee, Vern Sr, Charlie G and more. from the outside to the bar people barely sat down for a minute before another jam was being played.

King Knox what were you doing last night? What bag were you in? Where they do that at? and how did you know we needed to hear Trick Daddy and Trina’s “Take it to the house”?


Check out our photo recap of the night.

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Look: Art & Soul Recap.

There was plenty of leftover valentines love to go around at Iberian Rooster this past Thursday as Left Lane Ent presented Art & Soul.


We know the Black Panther movie just released yesterday however if you were at Iberian Rooster last night you would’ve seen some really cool black cats.

The night was powered by D’usse’ Cognac and valentine’s infectious energy. That combination plus paired with the Art & Soul house band featuring Israel Solberg, Julian Carrington,  and Caleb Sanders meant that no groove was off limit.


Diana Hardy aka D. Y. , King Complex, and Eliana Blanchard delivered phenomenal performances actually leaving the host, Charlie G, in a loop of favorite r&b tunes.


What’s better than Josh Cruz, D. Y. and Charlie G all letting their creativity flow together on stage?

The fact that Left is hitting us with a double banger. This Saturday, Feb. 17th, at Left Lane Ent. presents A Mad Ethnic Party.


In the words of Mighty Jai “ Why waste an opportunity for to throw a free party, right?”.

But before you start picking out your dashiki and your black panthers beret, check out our Art & Soul recap.

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Look: A Lovesick Recap

That’s right, whether you are single and mingling or in love feeling lovely, Love Sick: A Valentine’s Day Party at Anise was a vibe you shouldn’t have missed.

As a way to celebrate those who aren’t in a perfect relationship but still have hope, King Knox came up with a Love Sick Solution. Throw a shindig for those people looking for a cool, chill, fly vibe where you can also pop bottles. Plus if you ever get DJ Wally Clark and King Knox in the same building you know it’s on-site with the spinning.

Check out this brief recap of the event and pull up to Iberian Rooster later tonight if you still have heart eyes for King Knox.

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Listen: Unconditional From Qualah.

Recently, Florida rapper/singer Qualah decided to make her mark in the music game and released her first ep entitled UNconditional.

While some artists try to jam all of themselves into their first project, Unconditional is only an introduction to Qualah’s many sides. Like cracking open a book, a blunt, or a brewski, you’re bound to find your vice in Unconditional.


UNconditional proves that one can be a lady where she wants to be and a freak when she wants to be. The five-track ep has a huge “can I live?” vibe, from resurrecting harmonies about being your queen to dropping bars about getting your self-respect up, hints of Qualah’s personal journey can be heard throughout the ep on every level.

On the ep’s opening track “Savage”, (first of all, love the title) Qualah finesses a motivational r&b track into a thuggy dedication to defining your own character.

“They not going to take you seriously until you get yourself respect up. We all go through struggles but you really gotta hustle to keep your mind right.”

Produced by Glory Muzic, the track revolves around the fixed frames placed upon people daily. The idea that only you can define who you are is what makes “Savage” a primo introduction track.


There’s an irresistible charisma that oozes a person who knows what they want and what they are willing to sacrifice to get that weight up.

“Weight” proves that there is no love lost between the rapper and emotional muggers.

“Weight” is the second track from Qualah’s UNconditonal. Produced by PaulCabbinBeats, “Weight”, doesn’t hide behind grand gestures of metaphors and similes about the letter G in lasagna. Qualah comes at the track with a provoked precision that leaves no room for mistaken affection.

“This is for the internet thugs that think you won’t get touched,

Ctrl, Atl, Delete your ass.”


Our favorite track from Unconditional is “Remedy”. This three-minute serenade takes us back to the vault.

Like deeeeeeeeeep in the vault.

We’re talking about (not to make you feel old) 13 years ago, to a Trina and Kelly Rowland collaboration mixed with essences of “Cater 2 U” from Destiny child. For all our thuggy readers, if you were looking for a valentine’s day remedy, Qualah’s “Remedy” might be just what you need.

The track is real, it’s savage yet it feels smooth, sincere, and sexy making “Remedy” is definitely a V-Day playlist must.

Check more of Qualah’s UNconditional HERE  including a “I Wanna” and let us know what you think.

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Read: Tampa For Puerto Rico

The city of Tampa has decided to put together a music festival called “Tampa For Puerto Rico” to help support those affected from the recent devastation of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Portions of proceeds will go to the Daddy Yankee Foundation along with Fat Joe’s Foundation to continue to help get supplies to the people of Puerto Rico.

Photo courtesy of New York Times

It’s important to help others when they need it most, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we’re doing it!

Photo courtesy of Hot New Hip Hop

There will be performances from Fat Joe, Dave East, Royce Da 5’9, Stephanie Acevedo and more! PRhyme (Dj Premiere and Royce Da 5’9), has also released their next album’s first single and video, “ERA” featuring Dave East. Seeing how fresh that single is, there’s a possibility we might get to see the two lyricists perform this single for the first time.  Also, Stephanie Acevedo, a singer and glamour model signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment, will be gracing the stage.


Hosted by famous internet personality, Tonio Skits, this event will also feature a car show that will have over 400 custom cars, trucks, and bikes from all over Florida and the Southeast. Over 50 Awards will be given to vehicles ranging from mild customs to extreme and VIP vehicles. This show will have a $300 Hip Hop dance off and a $1000 Bikini Contest, making this event a can’t miss for good Samaritans, hip-hop heads, and those sexy people who have been watching their figures all winter.

Photo courtesy of Mustang Club of Tampa

There will also be a variety of food trucks and vendors on site. Also, they will be selling limited seats on stage with bottle service “all you can eat & drink” starting at 5pm.

For more information on this VIP package, tickets prices, and vehicle registration please visit call +1 (813) 447-8883 or  (813) 477-5340. Make sure to be there Saturday, February 10th and help raise awareness and support our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.


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Listen: Travis Lavoe Unplugged

Check out our interview with Hip hop songwriter and poet, Travis Lavoe. He discussed the impact of music on his life as a adolescence and some secret old inspirations.

His word play abilities probably shine best when compressed into 16 bar flow, weaving stories in and out of his life into yours, this is Travis Lavoe Unplugged.

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