Watch: Money Mondays with Qualah​

We here at Savage City Blog think it’s crucial that the content we deliver be entertaining and educational.

Tampa Bay r&b and hip-hop artist, Qualah is a creative entrepreneur with a mind for business. She understands that in the modern age, being a creative requires one to take their creativity and reframe it into a business.

Her Money Mondays are a blessing. She provides simple insights with the right dose of tips and advice to give you that nudge to shake off that weekend hangover and get back to the bag$.

We love what Qualah is doing and think you will too. Check out Qualah’s Money Monday covering 3 cost effective ways to increase revenue.

You can also check out Qualah’s Unconditional ep HERE.

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Watch: Ayo Mama in Big Choppa

How many people can you think of who just wanted to feel spiritually clean for their birthday?

While many spend weeks wondering which bar they will spend their birthday night regretting decisions in, in the days before her birthday, Ayo Mama was planning a major life change.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 8.46.54 PM.png

Her big chop would free her from the negative energy that she has been trying to shake and in a sense allow the full essence of Ayo to flow.

Check out our exclusive Big Choppa video and head over to any one of Ayo Mama social media accounts and show her some love.

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Watch : 3 Visuals You Should Peep

With the whole hype of a new year the allure of a fresh start may get the best of us, however there one thing you should be certain about at least when it comes to the bay area.

When we say we are going to set the new year on fire,


Although there are too many projects to even keep up with forethought remains the same. Tampa is going to win, this year. Alright, Alright, enough with the bullshit, we know why you’re really here. You want some new new. Luckily we’ve got you covered from the 727 to the 813.

First let’s talk about aiming high with Crown Marquiss.

Crown Marquiss perform at WLCM2KNXVLL.

Early this week the St. Pete friendly Crown Marquiss released a visual for his single “Breaking Silence”.

The visual directed by Paul Rosier frames the Local Muzik C.E.O.  in a warm wooden set. Often playing with the cameras direction, Rosier lets Marquiss bars be the highlight of the video.

Sporting a Miami Hurricane as he spits bars, literal bars, while lounging with his feet up, you get a sense that Marquiss is a calm, cool, creative with an untarnished business mind. The type of person that only breaks silence when necessary.

Whether you’re into local music or not, check out Crown Marquiss “Breaking Silence” Below.


This might just be the year of MMS.


We’re not sure where you were this past Saturday but Achilles The Conqueror released his new album Valor along with a visual for his single “Prism”

Achilles The Conqueror at Conquer All.

We had the chance to preview this track back in October. Hyped as always, this track encompasses the solidarity that seems familiar with Achilles visuals but this time we get to peep the true valor of a god.

From Fur coats to pimp suits to the precise cuts the visual oozes full sovereignty and establishes what some already knew 79 Sorcery is coming for head this year.

Check out “Prism” From Achilles The Conqueror.


Last but in no way least. Probably the most anticipated release this month comes from Hip-hop, r&b song bird Artis SHI.

Artis SHI in Brooklyn.

We guess you can say our wait is…”No More”. We’ve been a fan of Artis SHI since our stint in New York where she constantly razzle dazzled big city big wigs with her versatile style.

“Is she a rapper? Is she a sanger?“ They would ask.


She is Art SHI and it seems wasting no more time starting her new year off right.

The visual for “No More”, directed by Bari, features Artis SHI taking back her heart back and getting lost. Not in the Sauce just away from the bullshit. SHI finesses a intimate performance in a vacant airport waiting area.

The video is reminiscent of Kanye Wests “All Falls Down” and the 1942 American romantic drama Casablanca.

Overall we were really excited to see SHI back on our screens and hopefully we’ll be seeing more off her all year.

Check out “No More” From Artis SHI now.


One last thing, what we love the most about these visual is the creative dedication to showcase the artists more that the giltz and glamor. We see you guys and appreciate your strides very much.

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Watch: Indomitable From Arsenio Soundz X Achilles The Conqueror

We did it on our own last year. Issa new year,  so we’re going to do it bigger.

Just incase you missed our Four Horsemen project check out “Indomitable” by Arsenio Soundz & Achilles The Conqueror. 

This track might just be the 2018 Four Horsemen Tour anthem.


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Watch: Young 40 Penthouse Pimpin Featuring C Mac

It feels like this year is starting off on the good foot.

If you can look pass the cold weather to the pink beaches beyond the beachfront penthouse, you might find Bay area rapper, Young 40, sipping champagne cause he thirsty. <*Biggie voice>


That’s right, Young 40 starts the new Year with a new visual.

Right off the bat this video is coming straight from the pimp penthouse, executive level shit. The video features C Mac and was directed by the mastermind, Maxx Forman.

The visual for jazzy single includes 40 and Mac booling and cooling with a gang of homies. Rolling, sipping, spilling and spitting all at their leisure, we can’t help but feel elevated listening to this track.


With the date “1/XX/2018” written in the description of the video, We’re excited to see what else Young 40 has planned or this new year.


Check out Young 40’s Penthouse Pimpin now.

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