Conquer All, this past Saturday night was


to say the least. And to say the most, well….

We conquered all!

It was a slurry of good friends, funny smells by the bath room, trades of all sorts,

and umm …..well

a lot of Black Pussy.

There was a lot of Black Pussy (there was no other way to put that), Achilles The Conqueror would’ve wanted it that way, if we are going to be honest.


The man of the hour spent his birthday show being showered in gratitude and admiration from family, friends and fans.

Along with previewing some new material, Achilles took to the stage leaving the audience shocked and awe’d with his guitar technicality and his unwavering dedication to those who possess coco butter skin.

Anyways, we had a woot!

Yes you read that right “a woot!” and we wanted to share some flicks from Conquer all with you guys. So check out these photos from a seriously amazing night.

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Watch: Hiphopalooza 5 Recap

Couldn’t think of a better way to start this past weekend off other than watching our favorite local acts as well as new ones take the stage.

Hiphopalooza 5 + Preshow included

Stellar performances from

Ex Nihilo (so fucking good, seriously talented dudes.)

Hagan Lee (spitta with charisma)

Audio Artwork (10,000 hours or repeat)

Knalla (Encore shawty)

Deezy Wee (Fan favorite)

Tony Handz (c’mon it’s Tony Handz)

Ayo Mama & Rowtch (Great energy)

Gat$ (Wally Clark’s personal playlist)

Queen Of Ex ( Everything is always tight)

Causal and comfortable environments, from the sifting through exclusive gear at Debonair District warehouse to the back patio at Crowbar from some delicious tacos from Mic Deluxx.

eye catching, pocket savvy products from local artists and vendors.

Oh and of course dope ass music.

It’s going be interesting seeing how Mateo Henley will top good ole mambo number five next year, but we’ll leave that for next year.

What was your favorite part of Hiphopalooza???

Check out our video recap below.

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Watch: Asher Live From Hiphopalooza Preshow

Hiphopalooza 5 is tonight folks.

That’s right, you marked your calendars, picked your outfits (yes, the one that makes your butt look big), selected your designated driver (not it) and checked out the Hiphopalooza playlist curated by DJ Qeys (Which you can find HERE).


If the Hiphopalooza 5 preshow at Debonair District headquarters were any indication of whats to come tonight, then as Deezy Wee The Reaper might say, it’s gonna be a “fright night”.

Honestly, the talent this year is from the windows to the motherloving walls. When spittas like Gat$, Cloud Master Price, & Queen Of Ex, and wave makers like Tyrell Golden, Audio Artwork & Sam E. Hues team up, you know we are going to have a phenomenal night.

But we want you guys to have a safe and nice time so we came up with some easy to follow tips to help you get through the night.

  1. Dance,
  2. Turn up,
  3. Drink some more, and buy DJ Wally Clark a coke (VERY IMPORTANT)
  4. Dance some more,
  5. and tip your bartender.

Follows these tips closely. For more litness, add more drink.

We’ll see you at Crowbar tonight.


Check out this exclusive performance from Asher at the Hiphopalooza preshow.

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Look: Tampa Take Overs

Many of you may see this picture and just see two light skin fellas at Crowbar posing for a photo-op, but what we see is so much deeper.

So what’s so special about this photo?

Besides the complete accuracy of these rapping doppelgangers there, for us at least, is the nostalgic sentiment within the photo. It is the reason we cherish the relationships we’ve formed around the Tampa Bay community.

This photo of Drew “Mowglii” Brown from the hip hop collective Young Parisians and Mateo “Prince Golden” Henley from Samurai Shotgun remaking a photo of rappers Vic Mensa and J. Cole is as hysterical as it historical for us.

Both musicians are insanely in sync with the many sounds spewing from the bay. Even with their endlessly busy schedules, they work harder to take Tampa to newer heights. From Wine & Rhyme to Hiphopalooza and YP Take Overs to The Four Horsemen Tour, they’ve proven that with open minds, open ears, and open mics we can take our love for the 813, national.

What we see in this photo is the culmination of what SavageCityBlog has always been about, community.  Looking at this picture of these two pioneering members of different tribes we are reminded, even if it’s one day at a time, together we can make it happen.

So yes, I guess you can say we did it for the culture a time or two.


Please feel free to join us on this walk down memory lane as we revisit the Young Parisians Take Overs and The Four Horsemen tour.

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Watch: God Save The Queen!

We understand the concerns over Hurricane Irma. After seeing the devastation from Hurricane Harvey Floridians are worried about flooding, evacuating, pets, and bottled water. While these are all things you should rightfully be worried about, no one has asked the most important question,

Who is going to save the Queen?

We, of course, are talking about the talented lyricist, Queen of Ex.


We cannot, I retype cannot let any harm come to such an amazing performer. Afterall royalty is royalty y’all.


Watch Queen of Ex shut it down at Crowbar.


Below is a list of sites that will help you guys remain safe during the next couple days.

Find Your Evacuation Zone

Hurricane Preparations and Flooding

Disaster Planning Guide

Queen of Ex Soundcloud

Please Be Safe this weekend!

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Watch: New Music From Robb Gats

If you’ve been waiting for some new music from Robb Gats, your wait may be over soon._DSC2197

Those in attendance at this past Tuesday, Wz Happening Presents Suplex Party 2 at Crowbar, bared witness to snippets of two new tracks from the bay area rapper Robb Gats.


Although Gats playfully fooled around with the anxious audience’s emotions, only teasing them with bits of his new material.  We were there to capture it all for you.


Watch Gats bless Crowbar with some exclusive material.

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