Look: Art & Soul Recap

We know it’s cold,

You know it’s cold,

Which made last night the perfect time to bust out that fur that’s been sitting in your closet and stunt.


Floridians aren’t known having a strong poker face when going up against 30-degree weather. But there we were, perilously seeking heat in furs, Dusse, and the welcoming environment of a Left Lane Ent event.

Shaking off the fright, the performers on the bill kept the audience riled up. Between side splitting humor, awe inspiring fancy footwork, and outstanding vocal performances, the vibe at last night’s Art & Soul felt especially warm.

However, what made this past Art & Soul so special was the man on the 1’s and 2’s, DJ Sandman, from 95.7 The Beat. The night left nothing to be desired and now we’ll be waiting till next week to really heat things up with Haze Ala, Jinx, and more at WLCM2KNXVLL.


Check out our photo recap of Art & Soul below.

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Listen: In My Mind From Louis Junior

Gorgeous and gone, put yourself in the mind of Louis Junior.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 4.16.11 AM.png

Mercury is in retrograde whether you’re on the other side of the moon or the other side of your mind we doubt you could find a better jam for self-reflecting right now than “In My Mind” from Louis Junior.

The big brown man on the block turns into the man on the moon and the feels are so real. This two-minute track from the Tampa rapper has a 08-09 Kid Cudi influence mixed with Louis Juniors’ unchained soul.

Getting real and real sauced, Louis opens up emotionally over a delicately understated melancholic piano phrasing. Dancing in-between the keys, Louis Junior’s lyrics reveal ongoing strife between financial freedom and mental freedom.


The chorus on this track crashes like overpowering waves and we couldn’t be more addicted to this track. Maybe it’s the tracks relatability. Maybe it’s life imitating art or whatever.

Photo by Mateo Henley

“Talking shit cause I’ve been drinking.”

We feel you all too much, Mr. Junior.

This song deserves a backwood and a wine glass full of Cognac at least.

Check out “In My Mind” from Louis Junior Here.

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Listen: 3 Songs You Should Be Bumping Right Now

We are this close to the end of the year and I’m proud to say we’ll finish it as strongly as we’ve started. So many artists are still releasing projects helping us perfectly ice the cake.

Tapping into some first class sexiness, song bird, Ahri and rapper, Tune DaPoet team up on  “Track 11” is a sultry combo of marinated emptions and mixed drinks. Produced by Elevated, this collaboration oozes the right amount r&b and hip-hop.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 7.33.08 AM.png

Ahri’s vocal precision paired with Almighty Pink background vocals are devastatingly captivating but there is a mastering genius somewhere that should know 2:04 almost sent us into a diabetic coma.

Tune DaPoet verse perfectly complements Arhi sweet vocals. Rather than trying to create a contrast which may crack in the emotional landscape of “Trank 11”, DaPoet sets the verbal climax, which inevitably makes the listener want to replay the track instantly.

Listen to “Track 11” from Ahri x Tune DaPoet now.

Bay area to Bay area the objective is the same, not looking for love, just looking for someone to drive while we roll this up.

Vinny Virgo continues taking and making hits, this time with his new single “Girls Who Smoke Weed”.


This isn’t your turn up in the club ditty, this is a roll up the windows of the Buick Cutlass up joint. A herb friendly lovers anthem, “Girls Who Smoke Weed”, has a laid back, enjoy every simple moment vibe.

The track retires the technical and adapts the essence of a smooth pre-rolled. Virgo’s playful wit and tactical verbiage is key in the cognitive consistency of this track.

Check out Vinny Virgo’s “ Girls Who Smoke Weed” below.

Last but not least. We Got “Golden X Burns” from the deviant minds Prince Golden and Charles Burns.


The video, directed by Michael M Sinclair, features two mankind era sock puppets of Tampa emcees, Prince Golden and Charles Burns.


The puppets attempt to entertain viewers played by, Ayo Mama and Raven, through a television screen. Though their attempts seem to frustrate the viewers more until eventually enough is enough and they destroy everything.

Most familiar with groups like Run-DMC, The Beastie Boys, and A Tribe called Quest the playful rhyme scheme used for this song keeps the listener interested the entire time.

We guess you can say, Burns and Golden rediscover that famous tit for tat lyrical scheme and lace it over a serious DJ Qeys production. The beat gives us crazy Neptune’s meets the boss level of Parappa the Rapper vibes and the video is probably one of our favorite videos from Michael M Sinclair.

Check out “Golden X Burns” now.

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Watch: Noo$e Serf

Love it or hate it, Florida based rapper, Noo$e, is Serfing on his haters with his new video. The track properly titled “$erf” comes just days after the rapper released a snippet of the visuals on Twitter.


The snippet featured the rapper surfing waves with Tampa based rapper, Vern SR.  I’m sure anyone who follows these two closely knows the caliber of production between the two musicians, but together …on another level. I mean how smooth can a collaboration be?Thinking_Face_Emoji_grande

Let’s (Check)

Breakfast Club II rapper, Vern SR. (Check)Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.50.07 AM.png

CGI Pikachu surfboard (Check)

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.41.09 AM.png

Noo$e Pronounces “bike” as back  (smilelaughThat is so Tampa Check)

Karaoke Lyrics, because you know I like to read. (Check)Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.51.13 AM

The duos bars compliment each other’s well. Noo$e’s upbeat delivery paired with Vern SR. catch me if you can lyrical approach gives the collaboration a nonchalant, just chilling enjoying the day, bitch don’t kill my vibe, cool cat not afraid of water, Johnny Tsunami type vibe. That vibe matches both rappers personality quite well.

Check out the visual for “$erf” directed by Flex Martian below.

Want to know more about Noo$e?

Awesome! We’ve got you covered.thumbs-up-medium-dark-skin-tonethumbs-up-medium-dark-skin-tonethumbs-up-medium-dark-skin-tone

A few months ago we had a chance to chat with Noo$e and find out more about where he is from his work ethic and more. You can check out that article below or by clicking Here.

Leave a comment and let us what you think of “Serf” from Noo$e ft. Vern Sr.

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Head To Head: Char Good

We at Savage City Blog are invested in more than the musicians on stage. We wonder about the graphic designers and venue owners, about the fashion designer set up in the back, the drip artist creating as somebody elevates on the mic and the pallet teaser who isn’t afraid to grab the mic._DSC2185

Influencers sort of have a way of being a strong heel in the community. They inspire through support alone. But often we only get a glimpse of what makes them so unique._dsc9833

In this new inspired series, we go head to head with the movers and shaker from all over the state to find out how they came to be so proficient in what it is they do.

Our first Head to Head guest is nearly impossible to miss if you live in the state of Florida. From a Miami beach art show to Orlando ragers, you or a friend has probably been to one of her parties or an event that she has hosted. Over the past year, she has worked hard to build her name into a trusted brand for good vibes and entertainment. A serious Jack of all trades, She’s got musicality, business mind set, and a fashion forward vision on life. We are of course talking about Char Good, model, host, and business student with the most.


Check out Char Good’s take on music, jobs, and life in general.

If you can’t get enough of Char Good from our Head to Head, She will be hosting Cocktails + Couture tonight at One80 Skytop Lounge.


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Interview: Mya Cato

Two Tampa Bay yogis have found the perfect way to push the boundaries of sound, sight, taste, entrepreneurialism, and the conscious mind.

At the center of this magnetically powered take on elevating mind body and soul are Mya Cato and Jalisa Robinson. The dynamic duo founded Movement Through Poetry, a refreshing showcase of pure artistry meshed with an immense amount of positive energy.

Recently the duo hosted their third installment of MTP and It’s clear to see they defiantly did it for the culture. Drum tribes, prolific poets, and a chef so talented it was hard to decipher if the audience enjoyed the poetry as much as his shrimp and grits.


Luckily for you guys we got to pick Mya Cato’s brain about, Mumble rap, black culture, the future of MTP.


She has dedicated the past 3 years of her life to finding her inner peace as well as helping others find theirs through a yoga. It’s serendipitous to believe she agreed to attend her first yoga class on a whim.

“I found myself in a yoga class because of a friend. I heard about yoga but it never really sparked my interest. One reason is that you never see people of color doing it” Cato continues “so three of us are sweating in this hot ass yoga class and I remember afterward just feeling inspired, refreshed and rejuvenated.”


Let’s say that one taste is all it took for Cato. Within a year she was certified to teach yoga. Then decided to take her passion for yoga and bring it into her neighborhood and community. She was determined to bring it into the mind of people of color, to help them understand how yoga isn’t only the transformation of the body but the mind also.

SCB: How did you decide that Movement Through Poetry was the right way to help Tampa move in the right direction?

MC: I love yoga. I love all forms of art, but it was my partner Jalisa that came up with the idea. She was at a poetry event in Atlanta or Nashville and she was inspired by some poetry she heard. So she wanted to incorporate movement to poetry because what the poets were saying was so thought-provoking, but she didn’t want to do it just anywhere.  She brought the idea to me, I went right with it. We wanted to have all these artists in one space because artists don’t have enough support, in my opinion. What better way to collaborate with other artists than to showcase together?


SCB: You guys have received some national attention; you ever think about taking Movement Through Poetry on tour or something along those lines?

MC: Yes, but we’re really trying to build, here in Tampa first. We really want to bring more people here and put on for our city, then we can do pop ups in different cities.

SCB: The shows are definitely moving. Everything is visually appealing, the poetry is dope, the vendors are showcasing their products, how will you expand on future shows?

MC: Every show gets better. We have discussed plenty different avenues to bring a more artgasmic experience. MTP3 featured a VIP Paint-N-Sip pre-show experience and we were nervous about including it before the show but it turned out to be awesome. We want to keep adding things like that. We want to outgrow the venue and host it at the Straz Center one day.


SCB: For the artists that are of age and vendors that may want to work with Movement Through Poetry for your next event, how could they do that?

MC: Reach out. We have an inbox full of messages from artists from Colorado, from here from Orlando. Vendors as well, we want to reach more vendors from all over because most of what they create are handmade goods. So they put energy into what they create and that’s what the showcase is about.


SCB: How are you dealing with all the negativity in the news nowadays?

MC: We have to be able to find our own inner peace. There’s always going to be some form of chaos, but my passion and purpose is to heal and not focus so much on the negative. I think it’s about our next generation. Kids see everything. So if they see [or hear], what are negative influences or what they are hearing, They’re all being influenced. Can we be more positive? Can we be more light filled so that we’re not promoting violence? I think it’s about positive influences.

Even in music, I like listening to instrumentals because I love the feels. I love the vibrations and the frequencies of different instruments. So when I listen to a trap song, I’m not in my head. I mean, I’m feeling it, but I’m feeling the beat more. I don’t care what they’re saying. You can’t understand what they’re saying. That’s not what I would want my kids (if I had kids) to listen to and being influenced by.

SCB: You mentioned you listen to instrumentals?

MC: Okay wait. I can say this because it’s in the works right now and it’s almost done. I’m creating an album. A soul yoga album and it’s mostly instrumentals. It’s going to be about 12 tracks that you can listen to in the car, put on in the morning and vibe to while you getting ready for work. Music that you can do yoga too because we don’t have enough music that we can just vibe too without subliminal messages hidden between the beats.

Mya Cato has an upcoming beginner’s guide to yoga class on September 10th, don’t miss out on that experience.


Check out some of the footage from Movement Through Poetry III finale composed of two yogis and a phenomenal poet named Wally B.

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The Txlips Band Interview + Performance

I think one of the best thing about The Four Horsemen Tour was exeriencing new local music from whatever state we happened to be traveling through. Atlanta has never shied away from producing great music content, so why start now?


The Txlips are an empowering all girl music ensemble. Incorporating elements of funk, hip-hop,  and indie rock. The Band creates the perfect fusion of sound to get spirited away.

After our Atlanta stop of the tour, I wasn’t the only person eager to see The Txlips bless the stage again. Laura “Kid Loki” Proenza, local musician, artist and promoter for The Bunker set up a show for The Txlips this past Saturday.

But like I said, I wasn’t the only person eager to watch the raw, organic energy that radiates from these girls. Tampa was truly eager to The Txlips, so much so that the girls played two shows in one night. One at The Bunker and the other at Lot 1901.

The girls shut down both Tampa shows, making it essential for them to come back to our shores to bless us once they drop that album. But between their busy schedules we’d got the pleasure of sitting with all four members and to discuss, their favorite out of town bands, day jobs and playing two(Count it. 1,2) two shows at Afropunk This year.

Check out our interview with The Txlips band Here:

Check out this special Txlips performance from The Bunker.

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