The Four Horsemen Tour : The Final Ride

So it’s been little over six months since The Four Horsemen embarked on their tour up the east coast.  We thought for this tbt it would be cool to dig up some footy from the tour’s final stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We went into the Savage City vaults and came out with way more than cheesesteaks but we don’t want to give away too much. We present to you The Four Horsemen Tour : The Final Ride.

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Look: Tampa Take Overs

Many of you may see this picture and just see two light skin fellas at Crowbar posing for a photo-op, but what we see is so much deeper.

So what’s so special about this photo?

Besides the complete accuracy of these rapping doppelgangers there, for us at least, is the nostalgic sentiment within the photo. It is the reason we cherish the relationships we’ve formed around the Tampa Bay community.

This photo of Drew “Mowglii” Brown from the hip hop collective Young Parisians and Mateo “Prince Golden” Henley from Samurai Shotgun remaking a photo of rappers Vic Mensa and J. Cole is as hysterical as it historical for us.

Both musicians are insanely in sync with the many sounds spewing from the bay. Even with their endlessly busy schedules, they work harder to take Tampa to newer heights. From Wine & Rhyme to Hiphopalooza and YP Take Overs to The Four Horsemen Tour, they’ve proven that with open minds, open ears, and open mics we can take our love for the 813, national.

What we see in this photo is the culmination of what SavageCityBlog has always been about, community.  Looking at this picture of these two pioneering members of different tribes we are reminded, even if it’s one day at a time, together we can make it happen.

So yes, I guess you can say we did it for the culture a time or two.


Please feel free to join us on this walk down memory lane as we revisit the Young Parisians Take Overs and The Four Horsemen tour.

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Bangarang Goes To Brooklyn

Savage City Blog support all of the talented artist coming from the Tampa Bay area as well as all of Florida. This past week, I companioned Alex Bowers, Seyno Fugar, Devon Gilbert, Tyson Gordon, Wesley Bland, and Arsenio Curry as they packed up their instruments and headed to New York for Afropunk Battle of the Bands Brooklyn.


Bangarang has continued an (almost) unspoken tradition around the bay area. Every year, one band from Tampa enters into Afropunk Battle of the Band. The first year was, Samurai Shotgun, next year was, Dea & Saint, this year Bangarang carried the torch all the way to The Knitting Factory. 

It’s just something we do, the bay area supports and votes, then connections are made, babies are kissed, and legends are born.


Regardless of the outcome, one thing remains true, when Tampa Bay travels, we always make a splash.


Bangarang rocked the crowd at the Knitting Factory, however, they didn’t get to advance to the next round of Afropunk’s Battle of the Bands.

A wise man once said, “when one door closes, a bar tab opens” < That wise man was me>.


The band didn’t let a bit of misfortune sour their time in the city. They ventured through the busy New York streets. They became friends with a friendly duo from Australia at a taco bar. That group of jolly travelers traded banter about their hometown and great rock and roll concerts for a few hours before parting ways.


The Bands then zig zagged from train to train until ultimately find a karaoke spot that also served pizza at 4 am.

Bangarang did New York the right way. These guys had a blast and managed to stray far from touristy traps of the big apple. Funny to think they did it all by sticking to what they know; the real fun is always near the watering hole.

All the bands that performed at Battle of the Band were dope but this band returned home with an optimistic urgency to get back to work on their new album. I can’t wait to hear what these guys cook up, until then Check out some exclusive footy from Bangarang’s trip to Brooklyn.


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The Txlips Band Interview + Performance

I think one of the best thing about The Four Horsemen Tour was exeriencing new local music from whatever state we happened to be traveling through. Atlanta has never shied away from producing great music content, so why start now?


The Txlips are an empowering all girl music ensemble. Incorporating elements of funk, hip-hop,  and indie rock. The Band creates the perfect fusion of sound to get spirited away.

After our Atlanta stop of the tour, I wasn’t the only person eager to see The Txlips bless the stage again. Laura “Kid Loki” Proenza, local musician, artist and promoter for The Bunker set up a show for The Txlips this past Saturday.

But like I said, I wasn’t the only person eager to watch the raw, organic energy that radiates from these girls. Tampa was truly eager to The Txlips, so much so that the girls played two shows in one night. One at The Bunker and the other at Lot 1901.

The girls shut down both Tampa shows, making it essential for them to come back to our shores to bless us once they drop that album. But between their busy schedules we’d got the pleasure of sitting with all four members and to discuss, their favorite out of town bands, day jobs and playing two(Count it. 1,2) two shows at Afropunk This year.

Check out our interview with The Txlips band Here:

Check out this special Txlips performance from The Bunker.

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Here’s Your Chance To Help Bangarang Get To Brooklyn

Bangarang’s members have again and again displayed that they are individually as well as collaboratively talented. They possess a trait that I’ve only seen before in teams such as Ed Edd n Eddy, The Power Rangers and The Animaniacs.


Bangarang is stronger together because they wholeheartedly have each other’s best interest in mind. They aren’t afraid to venture to try something new and work hard while achieving their personal goals.

Yes, I wholeheartedly believe Seyno, Arsenio, Wes, Alex, Tyson, and Devon have a kickass mega banga zord somewhere. They are just waiting until Tampa needs them to bust it out. In the meantime, they need all of Tampa’s help. As a community we can achieve anything, the goal is to get these boys back to Brooklyn asap.


Theses Boys have been selected for a chance to play and destroy Afropunk Battle of the Bands Brooklyn. With the help of the bay area community I know Bangarang, along with Samurai Shotgun, can continue to show exactly what the Bay area has to offer, I mean besides the extremely beautiful women, amazing Cuban food, and endlessly pink sunsets on whatever shore.

Click on the Link below to help Bangarang get to Brooklyn.


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The Four Horsemen Tour: Asheville

I can’t imagine there are many things that can compare to watching your hometown musicians jam and rock a crowd or watching tour mates enjoy your music so much that they try to out sing you on your own song or watching the smoky mountains you know… be smoky. I saw the Smoky Mountains, they’re beautiful as f*ck. I’m not going to lie, not sure if  I ever wanted to leave.


(It wasn’t this picture exactly but you get the point.)

Asheville made the Horsemen feel really welcomed. The charming towns marriage of active brewery’s and mountainous wilderness put all the horsemen in an instantly buoyant mood.

The 79 Sorcery van arrived a few hours before we had to set up so immediately upon entering North Carolina we decided to go explored downtown with the help of a Tampa native turn Asheville local, Caroline.


Few things you should know about this chill mountain town.

  1. There was a sign on the freeway exit the read “Good Vibes”.
  2. Achilles only wears fur up there.
  3. The Grey Eagle has some AMAZING food. (Ask Prince Golden).Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.09.56 AM.png
  4. You can’t Tampa ANYWHERE. I mean ANYWHERE. _DSC3467


Basically because we take over.  We arrived at Asheville Music Hall shortly after our show. It’s Tuesday, it’s late, facts are facts we didn’t know what to expect. Lo and behold, this venue is running a Tuesday Night Funk Jam and it’s seriously popping, (and I don’t really use popping like that either.)

Within minutes Devon Gilbert, the bass player from Bangarang is up on stage, laying down some serious funk. Next thing I know, Tyler Mulder, Mic Deluxx, Senyo Fugar, and Kid Loki have joined him on stage.

I’m in the crowd, like

“Oh Shit.


Tampa in this bih!

Banga over everything!

813 baby.”

Then back to recording.

The night continued with the stage being blessed jam sessions involving Jovan Lecaro and Achilles and DJ Qeys was down stairs causing a ruckus on the turntables.

However, the one thing that happened in Asheville that I think most of us will never forget is the “No Brainer” Challenge.


Rising Down single “No Brainer” puts everyone’s vocal prowess to the test. Challenging those who try to match Sammy White’s ending vocal harmony. Although many horsemen did try, I considered some people’s harmony disconnected.

Thank you to The Grey Eagle for having us and Asheville Music Hall for letting us jam.

Check out how The Four Horsemen held it down for Tampa and stay tuned to see what happens when the tour touches down in Richmond, Virginia.

Do you think you can do “No Brainer” challenge? Let us know.

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