Young Parisians Take Over: NYC Edition Part 2

Part two of the Young Parisians take over NYC Edition  features the crew finding their way from the Pilling Shit House in Brooklyn to Arlene’s Grocery in the Lower East Side for an Young Parisians event hosted by R.a.r.e. Media.  The event featured dope performances from bay area artists, J Roc Jones, Demi Nova and Khalea Lynee, New York’s own Skills Stackafetti, and Young Parisians recording Artists Mowglii and Asher. What really takes the cake is the introduction of Mowglii’s dormant personality, Floor Gawd.



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2 Videos in 2 Weeks: Cap Luke is on a mission.

Last week Cap Luke released a video for his single “Slew”directed by Joseph Rodriguez at Resonate Media.

This week Luke returns with his second video from his upcoming project Souls of Mischief. The visual for the track “Cap I”/“Cool” was directed by Cristian Costello of Costello Films.

The video shot follows Luke around different regions of the southern states, from Tampa strips clubs to New Orleans alleyways. Luke keeps his slew like verb formations and aesthetics from verses to visuals. Luke’s ambitious drive ensures that hip hop lovers won’t want to miss the Souls of Mischief release party this Friday at Lucky You Tattoo.


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New Visuals: Phaze Jones-Anxiety

Phaze Jones comes through a colorful new visual for his new single “Anxiety”.


“Anxiety” is Jones first single for his upcoming project. The video directed by Pablo Vasquez captures the struggles of daily anxieties and the comforts found among a close-knit group of friends.

Jones chill delivery gives this yellowsynth production a deep level of bittersweet nostalgia. Throughout “Anxiety” Jones expresses differences between the presents reality and the past opportunistic future. A discomforting and painfully emotional feeling shared among many in times of doubt.

” We tryna make a change with the change they give us”

Check out Phaze Jones – “Anxiety”

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813 Plug in and listen.

813 plugs in as Gat and Cris connects with bay area emcees for a fire ass track, “Down South Connection”.

The track produced by Tampa waves makers Vern SR. and Beyobe, features a slew of different rap styles provided by bay area emcees Robb Gats, Mike Mass, Goodie Green, Haze Ala, B. Pope and Tony Handz. “Down South Connection” has the trap sway and the boom bap lyricism, enough to connect with any hiphop lovers.

“Down South Connection” has a little bit for everybody. The only question is who spit your favorite verse?

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Phife Dawg for life Dawg

This past week has been a hard one for the hip-hop community, after losing a member of one of the best musical groups. Malik “Phife” Taylor of A Tribe Called Quest passed away this week at the age of 45 from diabetes complications.

Phife was the perfect counterpart to Kamaal Ibn “Q-Tip” John Fareed, with the smooth relaxed style of rapping. Along with the help of some high school friends, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White, Q-Tip and Phife formed A Tribe Called Quest in 1985.

Five years later the group released their debut album from Jive Records, People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. The album featured singles “Bonita Applebum” and “Can I Kick It?” however ,after its’ release White left the group.

Can I kick it one of my favorite tracks from A Tribe Called Quest.

The song features a call and response between the two Phife and Q-Tip and the track really has a lot of flavor.

Phife forever 1970-2016. 1991 in Sept I went to visit Tariq at Millersville U in the middle of PA (Lancaster). Miles Davis had just passed & I went on a binge to study his post jazz works. Went to Sound Of Market to purchase Nefertiti, In A Silent Way & Live Evil—the only non jazz purchase I made that day ironically was the most jazziest album in that collection: #TheLowEndTheory by @ATCQ. —it was raining that day so somehow the 1…2 punch of "Nefertiti"/"Fall" just had me in a trance that train trip—even though I suspected there was a possibility that Tribe could possibly have made a better album then their debut (the perfect @@@@@ mic Source rating would be on stands in a week so I was right)—but I knew I wanted to save that listening for when I got up to the campus w Riq.—so some 90mins later when I get to his dorm–we ripped that bad boy open (I can't describe the frustration that was CD packaging in 1991, just imagine the anger that environmentalists feel when all that paper packaging in Beats headphone gets wasted—it's like that)—the sign of a true classic is when a life memory is burnt in your head because of the first time you hear a song. —Riq & I had this moment a few times, but the look on our faces when we 1st heard "Buggin Out" was prolly Me & Tariq's greatest "rewind selector!" moment in our friendship. (Back then every MC's goal was to have that "rewind!!!" moment. As in to say something so incredible. Or to catch you by surprise that it makes you go "DAAAAAYUM!!!"& you listen over & over—Malik "Phife" Taylor's verse was such a gauntlet/flag planting moment in hip hop. Every hip hop head was just…stunned HE. CAME. FOR. BLOOD & was taking NO prisoners on this album (or ever again) we just kept looking at the speaker on some disbelief old timey radio Suspense episode. & also at each other "Phife is KILLIN!"–by the time we got to "Scenario" I swear to god THAT was the moment I knew I wanted to make THIS type of music when I grew up–(yeah yeah dad I know: "go to Juilliard or Curtis to make a nice living at "real music") but he didn't know that Phife & his crew already wrote my destiny. I ain't look back since. THANK YOU PHIFE!

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Fans and Celebs have been”Bugging Out” over the death of Phife. Shots from Quest Loves Instagram.

The experience of listening to The Low End Theory is beyond remarkable, released only a year after their first album. The tribes sophomore album is such a universally well-rounded album. Before I really knew what’s what in music, I knew this album was something special. I had seen the cover countless amount of times, the red and green lady always stood out to me and is instantly recognizable.

Topics on the album vary yet always remain real and relevant. The beats were stripped but kept the originality on the bass drums. Which is probably why The Low End Theory has and still receives critical acclaim.

Possibly one of the most quoted tracks from The Low End Theory is “Bugging out”

From Dante Ross Instagram.

My favorite track from The Low End Theory is “Check the Rhime.” It was the first song I had ever heard from A Tribe Called Quest. I wondered who these guys were and what were they attempting to kick?

The track is irresistibly good and a funky introduction of nice Phife Dawg is as he states in his verse.  I really dig how Q-Tip and Phife flowed off each other on this track. The song doesn’t include profanity.

More celebs respond to the death of Phife via social media

CBC Music even released a Phife Dawg’s top 10 Best lyrics article.

Phife Dawg’s top 10 best lyrics

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.06.49 AM

Two years after the release of The Low End Theory A Tribe Called Quest released Midnight Marauders in 1993. The album would reach number 1 on the hip-hop charts and spawn off hits like “Electric Relaxation” to which helped A Tribe Called Quest enter the television world. The song was so hot it became the theme song for  Marlon and Shawn Wayans hit Warner Brothers sitcom, The Wayans Bros.


Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.52.39 AM.png

More from Phife Dawg’s top 10 list.

Taylor was diagnosed with diabetes in 1990. He referred to his battle with diabetes “as an addiction to sugar that he was in denial about.” In 2008, he received a kidney transplant and just four short years later he required another kidney transplant.  Another four years later and we’ve lost him. after 16 years of battling diabetes, the world lost him.

He will be remembered for his  influence and spark. Most will remember the Five Footer for his clever and playful lyrical approach. However Q-Tip, remembers Phife for him pushing him towards music. Here Q-tip reveals to J.Period that Taylor is the one who inspired him to start rhyming.

He’s the one that put it in me that I could rhyme cause he was always rhyming,” Q-tip said.

Leave a comment below telling me your favorite A Tribe Called Quest song or five footer verse.


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A Samurai’s Goodbye

How does Tampa say goodbye to some hometown heroes? by selling the f*ck out of Crowbar.

The Samurai Shotgun Riptide album release party at Crowbar was sold out. With performances from Mighty Jai, Rising Down and Queen of Ex, just to name a few, Crowbar last night was for lack of better word “lit”. But it wasn’t just Crowbar that was filled with samurai support, love for the shotgun could be seen all throughout the streets of Ybor.


One of the highlights of the party was a song featuring Queen of Ex and Sen from Bangarang. The pandemonium grew rapidly as the two of emcees laid down a high energy performance with Samurai Shotgun. I nearly sh*t my pant when Queen of Ex grabbed the mic.

As the Samurai set to embark on another adventure filled move to Atlanta, we know that they will carry and represent the Tampa Bay area to the highest honor. Embracing everything that comes their way with grace, humility, and an open mind because that’s what a samurai does.


One more very important thing, We will see Samurai Shotgun at Afropunk this year no matter what.




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