Watch: Young 40 Penthouse Pimpin Featuring C Mac

It feels like this year is starting off on the good foot.

If you can look pass the cold weather to the pink beaches beyond the beachfront penthouse, you might find Bay area rapper, Young 40, sipping champagne cause he thirsty. <*Biggie voice>


That’s right, Young 40 starts the new Year with a new visual.

Right off the bat this video is coming straight from the pimp penthouse, executive level shit. The video features C Mac and was directed by the mastermind, Maxx Forman.

The visual for jazzy single includes 40 and Mac booling and cooling with a gang of homies. Rolling, sipping, spilling and spitting all at their leisure, we can’t help but feel elevated listening to this track.


With the date “1/XX/2018” written in the description of the video, We’re excited to see what else Young 40 has planned or this new year.


Check out Young 40’s Penthouse Pimpin now.

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Watch: Shevonne’s For My City Music Video

How many people can say they actually did it for their city?21271138_10155601526001963_2340577957103773258_n

Shevonne slides through with a new visual for her single “For My City“.

The three minute visual embodies the 813/727 chill, fun in the sun, night time is the right time vibe. Honestly, the video is as fun to watch as it probably was to film. “For My City” features cameos from Wesley Bland, Devon Gilbert, and Julian Carrington.


Through the video Shevonne spends her day enjoying Tampas sights, sounds, and that stellar noise a skateboard makes with the wheels hit the payment.

From the day time breeze to night time steeze, the video transitions to a pretty lit house party. Drinks, dreads shaking, and B-boys cutting up the dance floor, Q The Rebel did a fantastic job directing this joint.

Get up and dance, cruise to the beach, hit the strip or whatever you want to do, but first check out Shevonne’s “For My City“.

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Watch: Noo$e Serf

Love it or hate it, Florida based rapper, Noo$e, is Serfing on his haters with his new video. The track properly titled “$erf” comes just days after the rapper released a snippet of the visuals on Twitter.

The snippet featured the rapper surfing waves with Tampa based rapper, Vern SR.  I’m sure anyone who follows these two closely knows the caliber of production between the two musicians, but together …on another level. I mean how smooth can a collaboration be?Thinking_Face_Emoji_grande

Let’s (Check)

Breakfast Club II rapper, Vern SR. (Check)Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.50.07 AM.png

CGI Pikachu surfboard (Check)

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.41.09 AM.png

Noo$e Pronounces “bike” as back  (smilelaughThat is so Tampa Check)

Karaoke Lyrics, because you know I like to read. (Check)Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.51.13 AM

The duos bars compliment each other’s well. Noo$e’s upbeat delivery paired with Vern SR. catch me if you can lyrical approach gives the collaboration a nonchalant, just chilling enjoying the day, bitch don’t kill my vibe, cool cat not afraid of water, Johnny Tsunami type vibe. That vibe matches both rappers personality quite well.

Check out the visual for “$erf” directed by Flex Martian below.

Want to know more about Noo$e?

Awesome! We’ve got you covered.thumbs-up-medium-dark-skin-tonethumbs-up-medium-dark-skin-tonethumbs-up-medium-dark-skin-tone

A few months ago we had a chance to chat with Noo$e and find out more about where he is from his work ethic and more. You can check out that article below or by clicking Here.

Leave a comment and let us what you think of “Serf” from Noo$e ft. Vern Sr.

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Head To Head: Char Good

We at Savage City Blog are invested in more than the musicians on stage. We wonder about the graphic designers and venue owners, about the fashion designer set up in the back, the drip artist creating as somebody elevates on the mic and the pallet teaser who isn’t afraid to grab the mic._DSC2185

Influencers sort of have a way of being a strong heel in the community. They inspire through support alone. But often we only get a glimpse of what makes them so unique._dsc9833

In this new inspired series, we go head to head with the movers and shaker from all over the state to find out how they came to be so proficient in what it is they do.

Our first Head to Head guest is nearly impossible to miss if you live in the state of Florida. From a Miami beach art show to Orlando ragers, you or a friend has probably been to one of her parties or an event that she has hosted. Over the past year, she has worked hard to build her name into a trusted brand for good vibes and entertainment. A serious Jack of all trades, She’s got musicality, business mind set, and a fashion forward vision on life. We are of course talking about Char Good, model, host, and business student with the most.


Check out Char Good’s take on music, jobs, and life in general.

If you can’t get enough of Char Good from our Head to Head, She will be hosting Cocktails + Couture tonight at One80 Skytop Lounge.


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Watch: New Music From Robb Gats

If you’ve been waiting for some new music from Robb Gats, your wait may be over soon._DSC2197

Those in attendance at this past Tuesday, Wz Happening Presents Suplex Party 2 at Crowbar, bared witness to snippets of two new tracks from the bay area rapper Robb Gats.


Although Gats playfully fooled around with the anxious audience’s emotions, only teasing them with bits of his new material.  We were there to capture it all for you.


Watch Gats bless Crowbar with some exclusive material.

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Free Smoke II Tonight.

Tampa artist taking his 813 DIY roots and planting it down in New York. It’s been almost six months since Cap Luke moved to the big apple. Now he is hosting his second pop-up in effort to further bridge the gap between the 718 and 813. We had a chance to talk to him about this pop-up, being an ambassador for Tampa in New York, and potential future pop-ups artists.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 9.28.35 AM.png

SCB: When did you first come up with the idea to do a Pop Up show?

 Cap Luke: I actually met the people who throw the first pop-up and given my past experience throwing shows here and there, hardcore and hip hop, I decided to do it out here. I had met enough people at the point to build a line up and gain some type of following. The first one was pretty decent show, good crowd, and unexpectedly packed.

SCB: Why do you feel it’s important to include a Tampa or Florida artists at your pop-up shows?

Cap Luke: The idea for this show was centered around Skinny Scumbag coming. That is the goal honestly. Since moving out here in February, I was able to linked up with so many people from Tampa in New York. So It’s been my goal to connect artist from Florida with artist from New York.

SCB: Where are you throwing this pop-up show?

Cap Luke:

At my house.

SCB: how did you ended up at the decision to throw Free Smoke II at your apt?

Cap Luke: Due to complication securing a location, I decided to throw it at my house. With Skinny coming and the idea of throwing a show, I knew it has to be balls to the wall. What better place to do it than my own house? It’s going to be wild.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 9.36.02 AM.png

SCB: Who are some people you might want to have come through for future pop-ups?

Cap Luke: As far as my Tampa folk go, I definitely want to see my dog Wheatly out here. Obviously, shout out the fam like Mason Monroe, Haze and all them. I think they are planning on coming up here in a couple months, hopefully Tony Handz comes. I just know that the music these artists like Vern Sr.  or Gat and Cris is all very unique and on par with everything out here, so I would love to see everybody up here.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 9.28.16 AM.png

SCB: What’s the best way to get in touch with you as far as collaborating for future projects and events?

Cap Luke: Instagram honestly. I’m sleep as hell on twitter. You could try my email But really Instagram is the best way to contact me @Speederparker.

All my NYC peoples, make sure head over to Cap’s tonight or Free Smoke II, issa movie.

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