Watch: Bangarang Cover Big Poppa

Really the answer is never too much. There can never be too much hiphop.

Hope your week has started off on the good foot because we’ve got a real lovely week filled with rhyme sayers and beat players.

We’re starting this off right for all the die hard Hiphop heads. Bangarang performing Big Poppa should get you in the mood to hear some dope ass rhymes.

Bangarang’s, Tyson Gordon, will be hosting Ybor Speaks tonight at The Lion’s Den Cigar Lounge Ybor. It’s a night governed by creative expression and the list of performer is ridiculous, ranging from Mike Mass, Asher B, To B Worthy and Alec Burnwright.

So the only question now is, When Ybor Speaks, will you be ready to listen?

ybor speaks

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Watch: God Save The Queen!

We understand the concerns over Hurricane Irma. After seeing the devastation from Hurricane Harvey Floridians are worried about flooding, evacuating, pets, and bottled water. While these are all things you should rightfully be worried about, no one has asked the most important question,

Who is going to save the Queen?

We, of course, are talking about the talented lyricist, Queen of Ex.


We cannot, I retype cannot let any harm come to such an amazing performer. Afterall royalty is royalty y’all.


Watch Queen of Ex shut it down at Crowbar.


Below is a list of sites that will help you guys remain safe during the next couple days.

Find Your Evacuation Zone

Hurricane Preparations and Flooding

Disaster Planning Guide

Queen of Ex Soundcloud

Please Be Safe this weekend!

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Watch: New Music From Robb Gats

If you’ve been waiting for some new music from Robb Gats, your wait may be over soon._DSC2197

Those in attendance at this past Tuesday, Wz Happening Presents Suplex Party 2 at Crowbar, bared witness to snippets of two new tracks from the bay area rapper Robb Gats.


Although Gats playfully fooled around with the anxious audience’s emotions, only teasing them with bits of his new material.  We were there to capture it all for you.


Watch Gats bless Crowbar with some exclusive material.

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Embrace The Wine: Embrace the Rhyme.

If you were at Anise Global Gastrobar this past Monday, then you know it was buzzing with familiar faces as well as new comers. Paired with a welcoming gold grill smile and exclusive art by Cody Jitt Brodie third time was defiantly a charm.


This past month’s Wine and Rhyme line up featured a diverse mix of entertainment. Hip-hop performances from Prophit, Achilles The Conquerer, and Juni, kept the crowd pumped while the more poppy set from trio, Bendy Straw, brought the crowd together with their, quirky all be it relatable, songs.

Check some of the footy from This past Wine and Rhyme.


Finish this week how you started it, with The Young Parisians.  Stop by Crowbar tonight and check out what Asher is calling “the dopest beat battle in Tampa!” Don’t miss out on the South Florida Producers Showcase. Needles scratch at 8 pm with live music from Jose Casalon, 8 PE, and Blinsky. Also, there is a sweet $500 grand prize, SFPS 12 is sure to be lit.


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Goodbye 2016

As we end 2016 we want to take a look back at some of this year’s highlights and talk about three of our favorite shows from this year.

Mc Kenna makes sandwiches.

If you have ever seen Mc Kenna live you know that you can’t possibly know what to expect from the emcee. Earlier this year, During one of his performances he stops his set and starts asking members of the audience “ham or turkey”?

Mc Kenna


anxious members berate Kenna with their orders before they know what he is up to. As audience members continue pretending there is a subway partition separating them from the artist.

Mike Mass makes himself a snack.

Kenna walks to the back of the stage and pulls out a grocery bag filled with bread, deli meats, and cheeses. Like any good artist, Kenna makes a few sandwiches for his fans ensuring they leave satisfied. I’ve honestly never been to a show where they artist takes food request as well as song request but you know it is Tampa, anything can happen.

Turkey and Swiss

Samurai Shotgun Swings Riptide release party.

When Samurai Shotgun announced their album release party, I already knew the event would be live. With performances from members Rising Down to Queens of Ex, audience members definitely got their money worth. As the night progressed and the space within Crowbar reached its maximum occupancy, it was time for the Samurai to hit the stage.


Queen of Ex X Samurai Shotgun


After preforming a series of tracks from the new album, the Shotgun have an all-star performance with Queen of Ex and Senyo Fugar of Bangrang, sending the crowd berserk.


Senyo Fugar X Samurai Shotgun


Samurai Shotgun vocalist, Mateo Prince Henley is well known for his scaling abilities. While vibing off of the energy in the venue during one of their last song, Henley decided to show the packed crowd at Crowbar just how the samurais swing.


Mateo Prince Henley


With microphone in mouth and hands on beams, Henley scaled up the Crowbar and swung feet over fans. Honestly, it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen at a show.

Arlene’s Grocery: You just had to be there.


The Gawd Mowglii


One of my more memorable experiences this year was traveling to New York to film the Young Parisians take over.

From Bedstuy bodegas to lower east side slices, the Young Parisians immersed themselves in New York culture. So much so it was almost like the New York was opening his arms to accept the talented group of individuals.


Turn up Mike Mass

With the loving support of R.a.r.e. Media, one by one, members of the Young Parisians as well as other local artists, Demi Nova, J-roc Jones and Khalea Lynee put on an unforgettable show that provided a bit of something for everyone. Humbled by the turn out for the event Mike Mass knew he had to put on for the 813.



Packed house for the Young Parisians


Well, did he?


Mike Mass X Proper Jones


It was Mass’s killer rock or be rocked, mic or no mic performance that sent everyone over the top. After the show at Arlene’s as the crowd poured out into the bar and the vibrant streets of the L.E.S it seemed pretty clear that 2017 is going to be a wild year for the 813.

There have been many great shows and events this year. We at SavageCityBlog would love to hear about some of your favorite shows from this year. As we move into the next year we hope to see more of your beautiful faces as you get to recognize ours. But why wait till next year, We will be bringing in the New Year at Crowbar tonight with some of Tampa bays finest.


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A Samurai’s Goodbye

How does Tampa say goodbye to some hometown heroes? by selling the f*ck out of Crowbar.

The Samurai Shotgun Riptide album release party at Crowbar was sold out. With performances from Mighty Jai, Rising Down and Queen of Ex, just to name a few, Crowbar last night was for lack of better word “lit”. But it wasn’t just Crowbar that was filled with samurai support, love for the shotgun could be seen all throughout the streets of Ybor.


One of the highlights of the party was a song featuring Queen of Ex and Sen from Bangarang. The pandemonium grew rapidly as the two of emcees laid down a high energy performance with Samurai Shotgun. I nearly sh*t my pant when Queen of Ex grabbed the mic.

As the Samurai set to embark on another adventure filled move to Atlanta, we know that they will carry and represent the Tampa Bay area to the highest honor. Embracing everything that comes their way with grace, humility, and an open mind because that’s what a samurai does.


One more very important thing, We will see Samurai Shotgun at Afropunk this year no matter what.




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